{To Do} Update

Last week I posted a list of all the things I hoped to accomplish by the end of the summer.  So far, I have crossed off a whopping zero items.  What have I done instead?

  1. Slept.  A lot.  Too much tequila on the Fourth of July, a bout of food poisoning, completely falling off the Whole 30 wagon into a pit of BBQ chips and swedish fish.  All of this has led to an exhausted Meredith.  In fact, all I’ve done exercise wise this past week was walk my dogs.  Which got interesting when I threw up during the food poisoning episode.
  2. Watched Wilfred.  Linda and I like finding shows on Hulu and Netflix that we can watch together.  Right now on Hulu we bounce between MasterChef and Hell’s Kitchen.  On Netflix, we watch Wilfred and now Scotti and Diego both have accents.  Go ahead and guess what region.  Scotti’s original name was Bisscotti if that helps in any way.
  3. Paid bills.  Seriously, this growing up thing is a total trap.
  4. Defrosted our fridge/freezer.  Because it had to be done.
  5. Made a list of weekend goals.  The only things on it are 1) put away 2 weeks worth of laundry and 2) get a funnel cake at the county fair.

y’all, I’m seriously struggling with figuring out how to fit every single thing I want/need to do into my day.  Granted, this past week was a little different, given the whole grossly sick for 36 hours thing, but still.  It’s like I’m wanting to get into the express lane at Whole Foods and trying to figure out what 5 treasures to get rid of instead of just patiently waiting in a longer line.


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