one last summer

I made a big realization the past few days when I was thinking about my summers in Iowa.  And I realized that all I’ve done during my Iowa summers since I was 13 is work.  Work so much that I haven’t had time to do any of the fun stuff.  boo.  So this summer will be different.  Sure, I’ll still be working.  (one just can’t give up 3 jobs) but I’ll be forcing myself to make time to do fun things too.  Because I can spend time on the couch anywhere.


  • Visit the State Fair.  I’ve been once in the 20 years I’ve called Iowa home.  for shame
  • Spend a few days at Lake Okoboji.  Then buy this fleece.
  • Visit all the roadside cafes I’ve always told myself I would test out.
  • Visit my important midwest people.  The bestie in Chicago.  The brother in Kansas City.
  • I’m sure there’s other things that need to be added to this list.  Thank goodness I’m trying to force myself to be more flexible.
{from HopSkipJumpPaper}
{from HopSkipJumpPaper}

humpday happiness

I know I’m guilty of constantly saying that I’m really busy.  But this time, I super mean it.  I started 28 off with a bang and haven’t slowed down yet.  I’m definitely ready for a nap, but who cares, I’ve got a lot to do and there’s Diet Dr. Pepper pulsing through my body.

{via Instagram}
{via Instagram}

I’m trying to nail down…me.  Figure out what kind of woman I need/want to be.  One thing I’ve figured out, I want to be a great rolemodel for all of my kindergarten friends.  Even though I’m leaving them.  First focus of brand building: getting in shape.  I started the Kayla Itines Bikini Body Guide and a Couch to 5k app early this week.  My butt is the best kind of sore.

What’s making me extra happy this week?

Why There’s Never Been a Better Time to be a Plus-Size Woman” I know that it’s a touch of an oxymoron to have this article right after I talk about starting something called the Bikini Body Guide (but my goal is to go from a size 14 to a 12).  I morphed into a size 14 when I was 12, and yo-yoed between 14 and 24 for 10 years.  Oh how I wish that there had been clothes, and women to look up to, that made me feel confident when I was a teenager.  Now I have the opportunity to be one of those women!

An Airstream Bridal Suite.  Be still my heart.

The build up to the Bad Blood music video was amazing.  “Why Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” Marketing is Genius.”

Forgotten Iowa”  This person’s goal is to take photos of all of Iowa’s 947 towns.  I definitely plan on framing the Eldora photos (they haven’t been taken/posted yet) on my wall when I move.

And now, I’m off again.  I promise to post on here as often as I get a chance.  Life should slow back down in about 2 weeks.  And eventually I get around to making my ideas for Everyday Meremaid come to life!

{humpday happiness}

Another Wednesday is here and it’s an extra special one.  You know that sense of relief you get when things start falling into place? And you realize that it’s ok to slow down and stop freaking out? That’s what I’m currently experiencing.

{patiently waiting for it to be tomorrow so that I can open birthday boxes!}
{patiently waiting for it to be tomorrow so that I can open birthday boxes!}

Work/Life Balance via Mainstreet.  While right now I have a pretty well balanced life (at least in my opinion), I’m super nervous about the idea of a grownup girl job that doesn’t allow me to walk Scotti and Diego every day.  This article was a nice reminder that I need to work to live, not live to work.

My Year of Online Dating via Glamour.  Ever read something that just hits the nail on the head about how you’re feeling when it comes to the opposite sex and interacting with them? This essay totally did that for me.  I for one decided to get honest in my Tinder profile about what I’m currently looking for.  So far, I’ve had a lot of “we should totally do this!” offers, but nothing has been set yet.  I’m hoping Iowa boys aren’t this difficult for other girls.


Also a little depressing when it comes to boys? {and kind of makes me want to do away with them for good} This article on a survey that compares what traits men want in a wife compared to their future daughters.  #superdepressing

The best part about today?  IT’S BIRTHDAY EVE! Hooray!

{hooray for me!}
{hooray for me!}

pinterst workout challenges

Let’s get real about working out and my schedule.  I love it, but it’s so hard to find the energy to get one in every day.  I love how I feel during and after a workout, I love the energy it gives me.  Except when it gives me so much energy that I can’t sleep.  And the guilt I have when  I don’t workout is way to harsh.  And never try to get me to wake up half an hour earlier for a sweat session.

The past few weeks I’ve tried to go easier on myself.  My workout goals are simple, get in whatever is required from that day’s squat and pushup challenge and walk the dogs.

{challenge via livestrong}
{challenge via livestrong}
{challenge via skinnymom}
{challenge via skinnymom}

I’ve noticed some pretty fab changes in my arm strength and I don’t hate myself for not working out.

I’ve got plans to notch up to intensity tenfold next week by starting the Bikini Body Guide.  Usually I find sticking to a eating plan and workout regime super hard.  Fingers crossed that 28 minute workouts and a “this is what you eat at this time” keeps me on track.  That and all those plans to move and restart in September.

{humpday happiness} a day late

I had plans of putting this whole post together on Tuesday night, but then Cinco de Mayo and margaritas called my name.  And we all know I cannot say no to margaritas.

I fully embrace any occasion that encourages me to drink margaritas.

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This past weekend in Kansas City was a blur.  Which was definitely necessary.  I’m 3 days into my real-life May schedule and on the verge of breaking down into sobs.

Kansas City was filled with three of my favorite things.  Shopping, food and drinks.

Mac Daddy Omelet
Mac Daddy Omelet

An omelet filled with lobster and macaroni and cheese? omg, dead.   Add in Bottomless Mimosas and Louie’s Wine Dive is my new favorite.  Thank goodness they have a spot in Des Moines.

Crab Cake Benedict
Crab Cake Benedict

Why are so many of my thoughts based on food?

I wish I had more to report on my weekend.  Friday was a blur.  Saturday was jam packed with a farmers market with my brother and sister-in-law, a Tinder date and shopping.  Sunday was honestly a drunken haze.

I must remember that for every 5 hours of planned people time, I need 3 hours of solo Meredith time.

Also, this IntoTheGloss essay on Tinder Profiles, adore.  Sometime I really should type up a comparison of my online dating and Linda’s online dating.


may is finally here and that means birthmonth celebrations have begun! I spent the weekend playing in Kansas City (more on that later). Pink drinks and window shopping are the perfect way to kick off birthday fun.  


Now I’m back to real life and will be hitting the ground at a full in sprint. May means I’ve got work going on at all four jobs, so pardon any and all exhaustion. 

I’ve got quite a to-do list for the week, and just glancing at my planner stresses me out. I did pencil mimosas for the weekend though… 

lightened hair, totally care

Last weekend, I did something I’ve been putting off for awhile.  Fresh highlights and a bang trim.  Good conversation, a lot of caffeine and protecting my thoughts from the aliens….A+ way to spend a drizzly afternoon. 

Fresh hair makes me all kinds of happy. #cleavagetoo

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Sorry, not sorry that I was looking hella good.

Another reason for highlights?  I’ve decided to go pink for the summer.  With a goal of transforming into a legit grownup by the fall, I  figure I have to all the fun, silly stuff I’ve always talked about now.

{purple pony, pink fishbraid, pink chignon, pink curls}