{tinder tuesday}

So I had this lovely little write up about my last two Tinder dates and my current thoughts on my life + boys.  but then I hit the delete button and it all went away and I don’t know how to get it back.  and the cold meds are taking over my brain, so I’m not even going to attempt to recreate what I said.

Instead I’ll leave you with this gem of a screenshot.  And please know that Scott has yet to reply.     #whateverscott


{binge watching}

If you know anything about me, you know that I watch way too much Hulu and Netflix.  There’s a reason I gave Netflix up for Lent.

New rule to keep things in check: 15 minutes of exercise for every 2 hours of watching.  Lately I’ve handled this by just turning off the TV and reading.

But now I found Younger on Hulu.  I was reeled in by the promise of Hilary Duff.  Girl is still a fantasy bestie. (and now she has blue mermaid hair. swoon)  This show is like, adorable and all about reinventing yourself.  Which is just what I need at the moment.  Currently there’s 4 episodes on Hulu.  Perfect for an evening of avoiding whatever is on your to-do list.

{tinder tuesday} birthdays over boys

I’ve decided it’s time to take a break from Tinder Tuesday for a little while.  The boys of Iowa have proven to be way too disappointing.  Who knew it would be so hard for a girl as adorable as I to find a constant makeout/margarita companion?

There’s way more fun things to focus on anyways.  Like my birthday in a month.  While I currently have no plans besides working, I’m thinking hard and heavy about what I want to wear.

{Old Navy combo, Loft combo}
{Old Navy combo, Loft combo}

Birthday outfits are the most important.  I like to see it as the getaway to how my next year of life is going to go.  And do I want to kick it off in shorts or a dress? Or should I get both? {the answer is always both} {and yes, I do plan on making some goals for year 28, some to help me push my 2015 goals}

{Striped ASOS Dress, Floral Gap Dress, Black Gap Dress}

Also, I considering this beachy version of Dirt Cake for my take to work snack.  Cause who doesn’t like Dirt Cake? #monsters

back on the grind-ish

Last week I was all “back to real life” and blahblahblah.  Then I was working until 7:00 and I passed out every night by 8:00, because working, grey days and no soda have a way of exhausting a girl.  Or this is just preparing me for life as a big girl, idk.

{don't overthink}
{don’t overthink}

This week, I’ve got things I need to do.  Besides work and stuff.

1. Workout and walk the dogs.  Everyday.

2. Keep reading.

3. Make {and drink} some green juice.  aka nature’s soda.

4. blogblogblog. Cause I really like it.

5.  Get back into that selfie game.


A few weeks ago I was stressed out of my mind.  So stressed that I decided to take some time away from blogging and keeping up with the internet in general.  With the pressure to please piles of people in my real life, I realized that I couldn’t keep up with trying to impress internet people too.  I did a lot of thinking.  I decided that it was time for some relationships to end.  And I realized that it was okay.

I realized that I need to make more time for the things that make me happy and to shed the things that don’t bring me joy.  That means more time for reading, making food, working out, writing letters and this little neck of the internet woods.

Things will be changing around here though.  I’m not going to put the pressure on myself to do longish, posts every day.  When I started this I wanted it to be a closer glimpse into the life of a twentysomething girl who is basically living a life opposite of what the world tells her she should be doing.

less thinking. more living.

  {cold weather is slowly disappearing, so it’s time to wear my favorites.}  {library grind}{getting back into the mirror selfie game}

I don’t even know what to put here.

I spent the day trying to think about what to post.  What silly thing I wanted to share.  What part of my life I felt comfortable putting on the internet.  Then I cried a lot.  Cried so hard that I threw up.

And came to the realization that I am fucking exhausted.  There are things going on in my world that I can’t share, things that I have no one to discuss with.  There’s pressure to be on in every single thing.  To be focusing on my body, to put everything I have into my jobs, to rope down a boy (even though I don’t really want one), to be the best daughter and sister I can be.  To wash my hair every day and look put together.  To stop drinking so much caffeine and take less naps.  All these things are like rocks in my pockets and I’m drowning.

So I’m going to take a few weeks off.  Think about what I really want to be blogging about.  Read more, because it’s the one thing that takes me out of my own head.  Clean out my closet and dance to Taylor Swift. Make lists and send letters.  Maybe there will be scattered updates here are there.  Maybe I’ll think to post something on Twitter, to update Instagram (because in the end, that’s my favorite).

{finally went to the library, finally hopped on the Gone Girl train}
{finally went to the library, finally hopped on the Gone Girl train}

So if you’re feeling bored and want someone to talk to, feel free to email me (everydaymeremaid@gmail.com).  Otherwise send every extra positive vibe that you have my way.  I’m off to fight some dragons.

{operation:grownup} 30s stuff…even though I’m not 30.

I’ll admit, I always read those articles that are basically lists of everything you should/n’t own or wear when you hit your thirties.  And then I read the comments.  Because holy moly, do so people get pissed about fairly silly articles that tell them what they can’t do.

Like omg ladies, if you have the confidence to pull off a short skirt or tank top at any age, go for it.

But honestly,  I love the articles.  As I’m packing and shopping and daydreaming, it’s nice to have a reminder about what I might be a touch too old for.  Maybe it’s time to turn all of my tshirts from high school and college into one bombass quilt for cozying up in front of Netflix. And do I really need to be rocking a graphic tee, cutoffs and converse?  Probably not.  Because I’m trying to be a grownup.  Am I still going to keep taking and using souvenir cups (because I drop things and Scotti and Diego steal….safety first) hell yes.

How to Dress for Every Age, According to J. Crew-Whatever. I love JCrew, which is ridiculous since I can’t really afford anything from there.  I have Jenna Lyons all over my inspiration board in my room.  Creative prep seems like an A+ way to dress for big girl world.

Over 30? 9 Items You Shouldn’t Have in Your Home-Like I said before, I’m still keeping those novelty cups.  Sure, I’ll have the nice ones for company, but solo wine drinking calls for plastic cups.

Dear Fashion Editors, Stop Telling Me What I can’t Wear in my 30s-this essay definitely hits just how silly these articles are, how boring they are, and just why she’s refusing to listen.  Love it.

Also, as my 28th birthday gets closer (May 14, write it down!), I’m getting more and more nervous about this whole growing up thing.  Overall, I’m no where near where I imagined myself to be.  Yes, I love my life and all that jazz, and I’m constantly reminding myself that this is part of my story.

“thirty, flirty and thriving” and all that good stuff.