the adventures of Scotti

Y’all, in the three weeks we’ve been back in Iowa, Scotti has gotten super naughty.  I feel so guilty.  We went from being able to walk 3-4 miles a day, to maybe managing one and a half.  The weather, plus my inability to breathe due to a growing baby means that the struggle is real.

Scotti the goldendoodle
The best reward for letting yourself be caught

Since we got to Eldora, Scotti has escaped the house not once, but three times.  Luckily I’ve learned that if I just sit in his eyesight, holding a jar of peanut butter that he’ll come back to me pretty quickly.  So now, while every house on the block is covered in Christmas decorations, my mom has a jar of peanut butter sitting on a window sill, ready to be grabbed. And small town greatness: peanut butter was on sale for 3 days at .99 cents, so we’re all stocked up for any future escapes.

And I sweat, the escapes started once I finally got frustrated enough to give him a not-so-great bang trim.  It’s like he can finally see the freedom.

Now waiting right inside the door, ready to be grabbed

Now if only I could figure out a way to get Scotti to stop barking at the wind in the middle of the night.


Reunited with the Cold

Over the weekend, snow arrived in Central Iowa. Y’all, I hate snow so much. The only reason I’ll agree to even go near it is because Scotti loves it so much. Sadly, my mom’s new house doesn’t have a fenced in area, so Scotti is fully dependent on me to bundle up so he can go bask in the brisk weather.


Luckily, most of the snow has disappeared, and my friends down in NOLA have let me know that it’s cold there too.  The gray weather is just an excellent reminder that this is not my place to be.  Sure, I love sweaters, knee high boots, scarves and other cozy items, but I like to wear them in 50 degrees, not 20.

binge watching

I’ll be the first to admit that I watch a lot of Netflix and Hulu.  I have to have background noise of people talking in order to be productive, so if I’m doing any sort of project around the house, there is something mindless playing*.

Jane the Virgin. Based on a telenovela, I definitely thought that Jane the Virgin sounded ridiculous when I first heard about it.  Over time, I heard about the political statements it was making through the show, and I filed it away as a show to watch when I didn’t have anything going on.  When I found the first season at my library over the summer, I knew it was time.  Silly, relatable, normal fashion choices (I hate when the working class daughter is wearing a $300 sweater on other shows) and 2 cute boys?  Done.  I recently watched the second season in two days on Netflix and don’t regret it.  If you want to watch everything now, including the current season, things are tricky.  Netflix and CW have a deal where nothing gets played on Hulu.  Something to look forward to next summer though!

The Crown. I love historical books and programing, so this Netflix show about Queen Elizabeth the Second coming into power is especially good.  I absolutely adore how the Queen is struggling to figuring out how to be the best sister, daughter, wife and mother, all the while trying to take on the role of Queen and be the face of a nation.

Penny Dreadful.  I have been obsessed with vampire/witch stories since I was about 12.  My midwest mother was very concerned based on the traits of the characters, I don’t even know if she realized how much sex was going on.  (seriously, why does it seem that vampires, witches and these other ‘dark’ people have the best sex?) But here’s the thing, I also get crazy nightmares from pretty much anything.  I was a little apprehensive when someone told me that I’d like Penny Dreadful, but they proved to be right.  The show is definitely dark and depressing, but it has an undertone of hope and the faith of overcoming obstacles.  And yes, I did have some pretty gnarly nightmares while watching.

Young and Hungry. I have no idea how to stream ABC Family shows, so Young and Hungry and Pretty Little Liars are binge watched at the end.  This show is ridiculous and not very believable (who really wears heels while cooking all day long?), but it’s silly enough that you’ll giggle out your issues of the day in a couple of episodes.

If anyone has any ideas of other TV shows that I can mindlessly watch while I scroll through Pinterest and go about my day, please let me know!

*My preferred mindless TV programs are either the Real Housewives or cooking competitions.  Both have good narration and you won’t miss a thing if you’re putting a load of laundry in the wash.

we’re moving, continued

Okay, y’all.  Everything the past two weeks has been a total shit show.  Let me give you some bullet points:

  • I slept in a U-Haul for 3 nights.  If you think this sounds kind of terrifying, that’s because it is.  Shout out to the friends who Venmod (venmoed? venmo-d?) me money to crash in hotels over the weekend.
  • My ob-gyn, who already took me off dairy, has taken me off grains as well.  Baked goods give my stressed out heart a hug, but no more.
  • Unfortunately, some words were said between a person I adore and myself, which when piled with the stress of everything, kind of made me snap.  So I got in a rental car and drove to Iowa.  Probably not the best thing to do when you’re 27 weeks pregnant, but I needed to get away from everything.
U-Haul Driving
One Last Mirror Selfie
U-Haul Tetris
Scotti watching the park people

Here’s the thing, right now I feel like the biggest failure in the world.  I am completely drained and feel like the fight is totally gone, in part because I feel as if I’ve spent the last few months fighting both for everyone and against them at the same time.

In the end, the person I’m most frustrated with is myself.  Sure, there are things that I recognize I could have done better.  (no matter what, there’s always something you can do better).  I’m frustrated with myself because I allowed other people’s negativity, fear, and lack of hope get to my brain, heart and soul.  I remind myself that I can eventually shake off the negativity that others attach to me, mainly because it’s not a part of who I am.

I recognize that I’m going through a massive life transition, so I’m taking the time in Iowa as a bit of a reset.  It’s always good to break off from everything in order to process.  Although I will admit; I have no idea how to survive in 13 degrees, when I thrive in 90.



via Pinterest

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to find another blanket.

And if anyone has an idea of what I should be doing with my life, or just wants to send me $15,000, feel free.

We’re Moving!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I spent all day yesterday packing up my apartment.  My brother, Scotti, and I have to be out of the apartment by Tuesday morning (thank goodness that this leaves me time to vote!).

Do I have any idea of where we’re going to live? Zero.  Do I know how I’ll be paying a deposit and all that jazz? Nope.  Do I have any idea where Scotti and I are going to sleep Tuesday night? Of course not.


While I’m definitely going to miss being so close to Bayou St. John and City Park, I’m excited for this whole adventure.  Because that’s the only way to think of things when your life gets a little hectic.  As an adventure.  I’m trying real hard to not let things get me stressed out, mainly since I can’t have wine.  So here comes the adventure.  And thank god that it’s happening now and not closer to February.


mama’s leavin

My mom is taking off in a week to lead another Quaker trip to Cuba.  Since she’s currently the main person I text, and the only one who might have any idea just how stressed out I am about all sorts of things, it’ll be good for her to escape, but I might go crazy.  Who knows what Pepper (her dachshund) and Luna (her cat) will do without her.  Since I’m stuck stateside, I thought I’d post some of my favorite pictures from some of my trips to Cuba.

Which btw, is my happy place.  We can discuss at a later time how unhappy I am that Americans can go a little easier now.


See that skinny kid, that’s Alejandro. Bet all the boys who make such a big deal about the boy connected to my butt tattoo feel silly now.
Proof that I should not be allowed to make decisions while intoxicated.


The day this picture was taken, I had managed to get lost on my own for about 5 hours. I ended up on the opposite side of Holguin (the 3rd biggest city in Cuba) from where I started. At one point, I was alone on a military base. Eventually, I saw a water tower, and remembered that the man pictured lived a few blocks from the tower, and he was able to help me get back to where I needed to be for our beach trip. And back to my very angry mother.


This was one of the top baseball players in Holguin about 4 years ago. Last I heard, he and his wife were able to defect to the USA so he could play baseball, but I’m way too lazy to figure out where he might be.
My ultimate house goal is a pink house with a big front porch.


This lady looks over the water in Gibara. Part of me has been considering getting her as a sleeve tattoo.

Here’s the link to my mom’s GoFundMe page.  Most of her trip is covered, funds raised will go to things like baggage fees, household bills that still need paid, and any last minute medicine requests she might get from churches on the island.

recently reading 11.3

With the local branch of my library closed, I’ve had to start reading books that I have on hand.  (A 20 minute bus ride each way to the closest branch just isn’t working for me)

img_4079Luckily my mom sent me a box a few weeks ago of some stuff I had left back in Iowa when I moved down NOLA, and How To Be Parisian was in the package.

I’ve always had an on/off fascination with Paris, and this past summer things have definitely been on. Maybe it’s the need to get away, maybe it’s the intense crazing for champagne and baguettes, who really knows.

This book is an easy read, that both inspires (me) to be my best, but also embrace my flaws.  It jumps around a little, but so does my brain.  And it’s perfect to read in the park with a picnic and Scotti.

Oh, and this Baggu Backpack was a birthday gift from my brother Patric. Great size for all my stuff, and the canvas is easy to wipe off.