{Quotes and Obsessions} Kayne and Kim

Earlier this week I posted the above photo to my Instagram and Facebook page.  I don’t usually feel a connection to the things that come out of Kayne West’s mouth, I tend to see him more as a spoiled brat who needs a spanking, but this quote I just got.  Now, the white males who also share photos of Ronald Regan and have Republican in their About Me section did not approve.  I have a sea of messages to prove it, which I really just found giggle worthy.  Like, it’s a quote about being awesome (which Kayne and I both are) not me making any hidden comments on race or whatever.

BUT HOLD THE PHONE EVERYBODY.  Because Kim said something I agree with just as much, if not more.


Ever since I popped out a baby 3 years ago, and done a whole lot of growing up since, I have started to feel a serious respect and love for everything my body can do.  And since I’m getting ready to make another baby, a topic we seriously need to talk about #notetoself, all I want to do with the rest of my summer is make my body the best little growing place it can be.  And get my ass to look amazing in some vegan leather maternity leggings.  I really need to squat more.

While I hope my forever relationship is more along the lines of Beyonce and Jay-Z or Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, I cannot deny that Kim and Kayne are just absolutely perfect for each other.


Speaking of Beyonce, this family snap takes Mommy and Me dresses to a whole new level.


Before you take off to start your weekend, watch this new John Legend video and after that go hug every female that you see. Okay? Okay.


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