February Goals

This February brings two of my top five favorite holidays: Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras.  Since I’m still in Iowa, I won’t be celebrating Mardi Gras this year, which is a total bummer.  Luckily, it’s easy to order King Cake online these days.

Life is continuing to be a brain dead, joyful whirlwind over here, but I am deadset on getting some things done this month.  Mainly to wake my brain up.

  1. Workout 3x a week.  I finally got the clear to do light workouts starting today.  Which is fantastic, considering that yesterday, my mom compared my upper arm strength to that of a puppy.
  2. Read a book.  I checked out four books the day before I ended up being induced, and all four are scattered throughout my mom’s house.  T. is finally sleeping solo, so now’s the time to get a little reading time in.
  3. Stop stressing out.  I have a definite problem with always thinking about what I need to be doing three steps ahead, instead of just living in the moment.  So this month, I’m not letting myself figure out wtf if next.  No worrying about potential jobs or how we’re going to get set back up in NOLA.  Just hanging out, breathing, reading and cuddling.
  4. Drink more water.  Just because I feel like I’m slacking.

Clearly, I’m keeping things extra simple this month.  Which is extra strange for me, but probably exactly what I needed.


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