we’re moving, continued

Okay, y’all.  Everything the past two weeks has been a total shit show.  Let me give you some bullet points:

  • I slept in a U-Haul for 3 nights.  If you think this sounds kind of terrifying, that’s because it is.  Shout out to the friends who Venmod (venmoed? venmo-d?) me money to crash in hotels over the weekend.
  • My ob-gyn, who already took me off dairy, has taken me off grains as well.  Baked goods give my stressed out heart a hug, but no more.
  • Unfortunately, some words were said between a person I adore and myself, which when piled with the stress of everything, kind of made me snap.  So I got in a rental car and drove to Iowa.  Probably not the best thing to do when you’re 27 weeks pregnant, but I needed to get away from everything.
U-Haul Driving
One Last Mirror Selfie
U-Haul Tetris
Scotti watching the park people

Here’s the thing, right now I feel like the biggest failure in the world.  I am completely drained and feel like the fight is totally gone, in part because I feel as if I’ve spent the last few months fighting both for everyone and against them at the same time.

In the end, the person I’m most frustrated with is myself.  Sure, there are things that I recognize I could have done better.  (no matter what, there’s always something you can do better).  I’m frustrated with myself because I allowed other people’s negativity, fear, and lack of hope get to my brain, heart and soul.  I remind myself that I can eventually shake off the negativity that others attach to me, mainly because it’s not a part of who I am.

I recognize that I’m going through a massive life transition, so I’m taking the time in Iowa as a bit of a reset.  It’s always good to break off from everything in order to process.  Although I will admit; I have no idea how to survive in 13 degrees, when I thrive in 90.



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Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to find another blanket.

And if anyone has an idea of what I should be doing with my life, or just wants to send me $15,000, feel free.


We’re Moving!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I spent all day yesterday packing up my apartment.  My brother, Scotti, and I have to be out of the apartment by Tuesday morning (thank goodness that this leaves me time to vote!).

Do I have any idea of where we’re going to live? Zero.  Do I know how I’ll be paying a deposit and all that jazz? Nope.  Do I have any idea where Scotti and I are going to sleep Tuesday night? Of course not.


While I’m definitely going to miss being so close to Bayou St. John and City Park, I’m excited for this whole adventure.  Because that’s the only way to think of things when your life gets a little hectic.  As an adventure.  I’m trying real hard to not let things get me stressed out, mainly since I can’t have wine.  So here comes the adventure.  And thank god that it’s happening now and not closer to February.


life coaches and coffee shop creeping


I’ve been spending way too much time at coffee shops lately.  Iced Dirty Chai with Almond Milk and 3 Sugars in the Raw is my jam.  I’ve been trying to cut down on the baked goods, I’m currently only allowing myself two a week.  The struggle is real, but I feel like my ass is growing wobbly in ways that I’m just not okay with.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>There’s a life coach here meeting with clients back to back and I feel like I could do this job</p>&mdash; Meredith Hope (@MidwestMere) <a href=”https://twitter.com/MidwestMere/status/786601310749544450″>October 13, 2016</a></blockquote>

Every Thursday, the life coach comes into my preferred shop and spends her day meeting clients back to back.  1) I totally think I could handle being a life coach.  2) I’ve been totally stealing some of the discussion points/homework that the life coach has been giving and doing them myself.

There’s one client who I’m totally connecting with.  She’s overwhelmed by all her bills and has no idea what she wants to do for work, her life, anything.  So the life coach give her this assignment: think of the 4 things that define you (travel, food, volunteering, fitness, whatever).  Talk to the people that love you the most (your mom, your bestie, etc, up to 10 people) and have them also write down the 4 things that they think define you.  Find the 4things that are the most common, and come up with a plan to focus on them.

OMG I’m totally doing this tonight.  Why are we trying to be perfect in so many areas that we get stressed out and are only mediocre, and thus disappointed in ourselves, when we could find four things and thrive at them?

PS 2 of the client’s things were travel and volunteering, and she’s been wanting to go back to Southeast Asia to teach ESL, so she and the coach are coming up with a 12 month plan to get her there.


art and dreams

When Scotti and I go out for walks, I swear he can find a group of boys to love from 3 blocks away.  When Bayou St John isn’t too busy, and the temperatures aren’t too high, I give him a little freedom and let him lead.  Last Sunday, he took us down a quiet street that we rarely go down, and what did we stumble upon?  A makeshift art sale.  Some elementary school aged brothers had decided they needed a new Lego set, and their mom said they had to earn the money themselves.  So they busted out their canvases and paint and went to work.

Can I just say that I’m 1)super impressed when parents let their kids find ways to earn what they want and 2) love that the boys decided against the everyday lemonade stand.

These are the beauties that I went home with.  And PS best $5.00 I’ve ever spent.  One of my goals for this year on my lease is to make my apartment more of a home, and that includes adding some art.  These were the perfect ways to get that ball rolling.  And another plus? My brother is a touch embarrassed by the paintings an rolls his eyes every time he sees them.

Here are some other artists that I’m fangirling over, and totally plan on buying one day when I have a few extra thousand dollars running around.  I’m linking to their Instas (Insta’s?), in part because that’s how I discovered them all and I kind of pretend we’ll socialize in the future.

  • Ashley Longshore.  This woman loves her pop culture and celebrates being female.  With regular droppings of the F-word and talking about pussy power, her Instagram and art will definitely inspire some boldness.  And her use of gold leaf and Lil Wayne? Sigh.
  • Oleysa. Bright colors, dreamy getaways and lip prints.  I find lips to be super sexy and could totally see a his/hers combo over a future marital bed.
  • Donald Robertson. His girls are gorgeous (if someone were to send me one of his Bloomingdale Bikini Girls prints, I’d be stoked), his collaborations make we want to buy clothes/purses/makeup from places other than Target, and his videos of his twin boys make me a little less scared of the idea of raising a boy next year.
  • Teil. These summer vacation inspired paintings are the best reason I’ve ever seen to buy a beach house.
  • Dorothy Shain. More future beach house decor.  Clearly I have a love of bright colors, bikinis and sundresses.



yet another game of catch up

I know, I know. I’m the absolute worst at staying up to date on blogging. Life has just been super-duper ridiculous since Mardi Gras ended. Like, I hadn’t even updated my goals binder in March.  Here’s what’s been happening:

    • I quit my job.  And got a new one as a Buyer’s Assistant for a local chain of boutiques.  With better hours, a better dress code (I can literally wear whatever I want, as long as I put some effort into it), and I can walk to work.  While it’s taking time to adjust to the fact that I’m home every night before 6:00, I think I’m going to love it.  Gone are my excuses to not hang out in the early evenings.
    • I failed at Whole 30 once again.  But I did stick pretty close to paleo.  What did I learn? 1) I need it to be ok to drink once in a while (but I must avoid whiskey at all costs).     2) Dairy makes me break out in the worst ways.  I love cheese though, so this is a perfect reason to only eat the really good stuff. 3) I use food as a reward.  Even though every health Pinterest board says not to.  Food is my way to power through the week and not murder anyone.  So please, let’s all reward me.
    • April is Scotti’s birthday month.  My best friend in the whole wide world is going to be 5.  I’m planning a celebration and harassing my family with what they plan on gifting him with.
Enter a caption
The soon-to-be five year old. My mom is gifting him with a grooming session.
    • It’s festival season in New Orleans.  Hooray.  Food, music, piles of people and an excellent setting for a second Tinder date.
LSPCA Brunch Fest. Proud to say I adopted no dogs.
  • Speaking of Tinder dates, I let my younger brother manage mine during Lent.  Thinking he’d have my best interests at heart.  I was wrong.  He literally swiped right 15 times and then left 15 times.  No thought or care into what he’d like in a future brother in law. (even though I’ve been told Tinder is only for finding girls who a guy thinks he can stick it in.  whatever.)  Needless to say, I took back the reins once Lent was almost over.  Still not too impressed though.
  • I am super in love with BumbleBff though.  If it’s this hard for boys on Tinder to ask girls to hang out, I totally get the struggle now.  I’ve only had one wine date (what do you call get-togethers with possible besties?) and it was so much fun.  Note to self, send a quick “sorry I disappeared text”.


Snoball season.  I will honestly survive on these come summertime.

That’s all for now. Fingers crossed I get back in the habit of updating this again. Because you and I both know you want to know what’s uo.

{adventures} last day in NOLA

Honestly, thinking about my last day in New Orleans already has me aching to go on another adventure.  Since my trip left my broke self even broker, I’ll be sticking around Eldora for a while and living vicariously through other people’s travel adventures.

Let’s get started on what happened my final day in the Big Easy.

{World War II museum from the Ogden}
{World War II museum from the Ogden}

Once again, it was a rainy day.  I seriously should have packed (bought) some rain boots and not stuffed so many maxi dresses in my carry-on.  These Hunter rainboots and my trusty cut-offs could have meant I was traipsing through the city, regardless of the weather.  #nexttime

Once again I decided to head to a museum.  After a creepy run in with a man who didn’t seem to understand that no means no, I was happy to be alone in a crowd and dry at the World War II museum. 

When I went to school in New Orleans, I always meant to find a day to go, but never did.  That meant that everything I saw was new, amazing and humbling.  Seriously, these men (and women) left their homes to fight and knew that the chances of any communication with their loved ones back home was pretty close to impossible.  While I have mad respect for people who choose to serve in the military now, there’s something about those boys from way back that just pull on me.

photos of Japanese Americans who were put into internment camps
photos of Japanese Americans who were put into internment camps

While I had grown up knowing a little about these camps for Japanese-Americans, I really didn’t have a whole lot of knowledge about what occurred at these sites.  It’s definitely a sad thing to realize that generations long ago had such little respect and so much intense fear of their other countrymen.  It makes one, well me, want to do better when it comes to showing respect and standing up for my fellow American humans, regardless of what makes them different.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

After a few hours of reading all the stories and seeing all the artifacts, I decided it was time to head out to the city.  And honestly, I was just really overwhelmed by everything. So I made the trip to the French Quarter…on foot. blisters be damned.

The Mighty Mississippi
The Mighty Mississippi
Holocaust Memorial
Holocaust Memorial
Cafe Du Monde
Cafe Du Monde

After walking along the river, my first stop was Cafe Du Monde.  1. I was starving.  2. How could I not?  I totally had two orders of beignets and I don’t care if you judge me for it.  My love of fried dough and powdered sugar is just too much to handle sometimes.

Next, I had to walk off my guilt.

Jackson Square
Jackson Square

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Seriously, Jackson Square is just the prettiest.  I love the idea of eloping in New Orleans with the St Louis Cathedral in the background. I looked at all the art, talked myself out of getting my palm and tarot cards read*, and continued to work on finding the perfect surprises for my brothers belated birthday boxes.

After 3 hours of popping into shops, drinking a few frozen daiquiris to beat the heat and soaking in the humid air, I decided it was finally time to head back to my hotel and start packing up to head home.  And just in time too.  As soon as I got to my room’s door, there was another downpour.

*I’ve always wanted to get my palm and tarot cards read, but I might have been giving my cash to homeless people with pets.

{adventures} escaping the rain at the ogden

Going to New Orleans during hurricane season is full of what-ifs.  What if it rains every day?  What if my umbrella gets jacked? What if the weather traps me in the city?  Whatever.  As I was leaving my house on Friday, I remembered at the very last minute to grab one of my rain jackets.  I made sure to grab my yellow, goodwill find.  That way if I lost it while out and about, I wouldn’t be stressed about the monetary value.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

On Saturday, after sleeping in in that giant, glorious bed, I decided to walk the 1/4 mile to the Ogden Museum of Southern Art.  This place was one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon when I was at Tulane University.

My first attempt to leave left me utterly soaked before I even left the block of my hotel room.  No bueno.  So after heading back to my room and changing, then checking Weather.com to see when the rain my let up for just 20 minutes, I headed out again.

And got only really wet instead of superduper wet.


Whatever.  After handing my soggy jacket to the security/coat check man, I was off to explore!

IMG_6930 IMG_6929

This painting just brings up so many rural memories.
This painting just brings up so many rural memories.
Can you find all the stars from other famous pieces?
Can you find all the stars from other famous pieces?
I think we've all seen this look on some old mans face before.
I think we’ve all seen this look on some old mans face before.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

I cannot wait to make babies and start having their portraits made.
I cannot wait to make babies and start having their portraits made.

There were windows so that one could peek outside to see if the weather had changed.  Or get photos of the scenery.

IMG_6931 Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Once I soaked up all the southern culture that the museum would give me, I headed back out into the sprinkles.    There will still some fun sights to be seen outside.

collections of visitor stickers
collections of visitor stickers
A chalkboard where people could post their goals.
A chalkboard where people could post their goals.

I wrapped up my visit with a trip to Lucy’s Retired Surfer Bar for some lunch and lots of bloody marys.  I even made new friends for the day and wandered with them for a few hours before pouring myself into bed at 7 for a nice nap.  We won’t get too into that though, I honestly don’t remember too much.