{humpday happiness} catchup

All sorts of things have been going on in my life this past week. The level of exhaustion has continued to be high, maybe even higher because I’m slowly trying to cut out caffeine. I haven’t had access to my computer so all of the things I like to do on the internet have pretty much come to a halt; posting, reading, shopping. Who knew life in for a girl who lives in her mom’s basement in a small town could get so busy?
Since I’ve barely had time to even think, I’d thought I’d just tell you about some of the fun that’s been going on:
1. Tinderboy and I are all but Facebook official. This is my first experience ever with an actual boyfriend and it’s so weird. But the good kind of weird.
2. http://instagram.com/p/sIrUcyRRju/?modal=true Unsure of how to spend my time on Monday, but knowing I needed a hair trim, I booked a hair appointment. And got 6 inches cut off. I’ve been poking around Pinterest for hair ideas. There are loads of great ones on Karlie Kloss and Julianne Hough.
3. So many dog walks have been going down. Scotti and Diego were definitely ignored a little bit too much this summer, and I’m trying to make up for it with lots of personal time. Waiting on Martha has the most amazing set of leashes and collars. Thank god I don’t actually have money to buy them at the moment.
4. Planning what all I want to see/do/eat/drink in New Orleans means lots of thoughts on appropriate clothing and shoes, which has made me realize it’s time to truly clean out my closet.
5. We currently have one of Linda’s friends from Gibara, Cuba staying with us. He’s a political refugee and has been using the computer to communicate with family back home and in the US. Since he’s focused on keeping contact and figuring out how to create a new life, I’ve surrendered the computer. Having someone from another culture staying in your personal space totally makes you realize some new things about yourself, and they’re not always good.
After Labor Day I’ll be working on transitioning into my new life schedule, so I’m currently playing around with what I want my ideal day to look like. Seriously though, who knew that being a part-time grownup would be so exhausting?


Patric the Birthday Boy




Today is my other brother’s, Patric, 25th birthday. My brothers birthdays are making me feel especially old and superduper proud of all the two of them have accomplished.
Now I’m working on their belated birthday surprise boxes. Because the best part about birthdays is making them last as long as possible.

a month full of memories


August is a big month for lots of people. August brings the end of summer and the freedom that comes with it, August is the beginning of school and when we start to think about what we’d like to do for the holidays that are only a few months away. For me, August is a month filled with so many memories.

Growing up at a church camp, August meant that my family and I would no longer be surrounded by people every single day. It meant no more doing dishes, no more cleaning bathrooms, and may brothers and I would finally get to spend more time with our parents where their thoughts weren’t on other peoples children.
August is the month of my both my brothers birthdays, as well as my dad’s. They are all within a week, so that always meant a week of constant fun growing up.
It also brings the anniversary of my dad’s death. Although I don’t see him as the hero I once did, I am forever happy with the person he and his decisions helped mold me to be.
August will forever mean football two-a-days at Tulane. Even though every single boy who’s laundry I washed has graduated, I still can’t help but adore that squad.
It brings the days that I dropped out of college for good. Quitting football managing the year before due to all of the stress that the Meredith haters brought meant that I could no longer afford to go to school. Maybe I’ll go back to school one day to get a degree, but first I have to give Tulane University a large chunk of money to even get access to my transcript.
And it’s the month that I lost my virginity. A drunk decision that led to a a whole lot of adventures and a love that was way different then one would actually get in the bedroom of a boy from a bar.

Every year in August, I get overwhelmed with that stress that comes with the “what if” thoughts. This year the stress was intensified by other factors, which means that there was a whole lot of crying. Usually I handle stress with long walks and furiously making lists while watching movies from my childhood, but this year was too busy to allow for those things. So I was forced to address the “what if” thoughts. I had to let myself cry, even if it meant crying in front of other people. And I decided that it was time to truly book a trip to the place where so many of the memories happened. In part to see if the magic that I felt when I was in New Orleans is still there, in part to murder some former devils.

Sure, there’s a lot of people who looking at my life see a giant mess. There are days where I 100% agree. But now I’m trying to find the beauty that the chaos brings. The question is, does that mean I have to invite more chaos in?

{please note that I write from the heart and that there might be a few grammatical errors. those are just part of the true energy.}

last week I….

ate a grilled feast. I’m ready for late July so that I can survive on sweet corn and watermelon.

continued to embrace the fact that my daily uniform will always be denim and a tee, and am working adding some last minute; grownup touches.

wore out Scotti.

went through old photos and found this gem of my brothers and I.

wore out Diego.

fell in love with a group of kittens after loading up on Claratin.

and said goodbye to my cat Georgina, who went to live in Kansas City. So good for my allergies.

read Orange is the New Black poolside/in the pool before starting season 2. I would totally not survive prison.

and more of the daily uniform. I can’t decide what I want to work in first; wedges or jewelry.