the adventures of Scotti

Y’all, in the three weeks we’ve been back in Iowa, Scotti has gotten super naughty.  I feel so guilty.  We went from being able to walk 3-4 miles a day, to maybe managing one and a half.  The weather, plus my inability to breathe due to a growing baby means that the struggle is real.

Scotti the goldendoodle
The best reward for letting yourself be caught

Since we got to Eldora, Scotti has escaped the house not once, but three times.  Luckily I’ve learned that if I just sit in his eyesight, holding a jar of peanut butter that he’ll come back to me pretty quickly.  So now, while every house on the block is covered in Christmas decorations, my mom has a jar of peanut butter sitting on a window sill, ready to be grabbed. And small town greatness: peanut butter was on sale for 3 days at .99 cents, so we’re all stocked up for any future escapes.

And I sweat, the escapes started once I finally got frustrated enough to give him a not-so-great bang trim.  It’s like he can finally see the freedom.

Now waiting right inside the door, ready to be grabbed

Now if only I could figure out a way to get Scotti to stop barking at the wind in the middle of the night.


new hair, don’t care

I’ve had getting a hair cut on my to-do list for forever.  And when you’re stuck at home and need a pick-me-up, a haircut is definitely in order.  And bonus points, because your mom is more likely to agree to pay.

I’d been super inspired with some of the “french girl” shags that I spotted on Pinterest, in part because they seemed so low maintenance, but still could have some sex appeal.  Although that’s something I’m still not even 85% sure how to master.

midwestmere haircut

I haven’t found a stylist in New Orleans that I really click with.  They always seem overwhelmed by the thickness of my hair, and the low maintenance way I style.  My main rules are that the majority needs to fit in a ponytail holder, and that it can be easily styled with some sea salt spray and wax.

Once you get rid of all the split ends, life seems a little more manageable. 

As for the color, I had gotten a bit frustrated a few weeks ago and decided to find a box color, L’Oreal Feria ‘Deep Espresso’, that closely matched my roots.  While I love a fully highlighted look, in 10 weeks there’s going to be a baby, so who knows when I’d be able to take a day for a refresh.

Now that my hair is taken care of, it’s time to conquer everything else in my life.

Or take another nap.  Whichever comes first.