February Goals

This February brings two of my top five favorite holidays: Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras.  Since I’m still in Iowa, I won’t be celebrating Mardi Gras this year, which is a total bummer.  Luckily, it’s easy to order King Cake online these days.

Life is continuing to be a brain dead, joyful whirlwind over here, but I am deadset on getting some things done this month.  Mainly to wake my brain up.

  1. Workout 3x a week.  I finally got the clear to do light workouts starting today.  Which is fantastic, considering that yesterday, my mom compared my upper arm strength to that of a puppy.
  2. Read a book.  I checked out four books the day before I ended up being induced, and all four are scattered throughout my mom’s house.  T. is finally sleeping solo, so now’s the time to get a little reading time in.
  3. Stop stressing out.  I have a definite problem with always thinking about what I need to be doing three steps ahead, instead of just living in the moment.  So this month, I’m not letting myself figure out wtf if next.  No worrying about potential jobs or how we’re going to get set back up in NOLA.  Just hanging out, breathing, reading and cuddling.
  4. Drink more water.  Just because I feel like I’m slacking.

Clearly, I’m keeping things extra simple this month.  Which is extra strange for me, but probably exactly what I needed.


life update

I’ve all but fallen off the face of the planet socially over the past two weeks.  First I was feeling like the living version of death. And then, I went and had a baby.


That’s right, I’m officially a mom to a 8 day old boy.  Early Saturday, I was feeling all sorts of pain that had me thinking contractions. My mom and I got to the emergency room and found out I had preeclampsia, which meant I had to be life flighted to a larger hospital that could handle an emergency c-section and had a PICU.  Luckily, I was stable enough to deliver vaginally, and Theodore was healthy enough to avoid the PICU.

Theodore and I are now at my moms house.  I’m on bed rest for the next 4 weeks at least, and crossing my fingers that my new blood pressure medicine works so that I don’t have a seizure.   So seriously, cross your fingers for me.

The health issues do mean that my moving back to NOLA is on hold until I’m healthy.  Kind of sucks, but it gives me more time to figure out what I want to do when I get back.

What have we been doing this week?

  • writing thank you notes.  So necessary, and such a forgotten part of being polite.
  • washing, folding and taking inventory of all of Theodore’s clothes.  Sadly, my health issues had an effect on Theodore and he came out at an itty-bitty 5.9 pounds.  My stress and guilt about the whole thing is intense, but it means that none of his clothes will fit for awhile.
  • binge watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.  My brother recommended the show and I’m honestly into it.  Throw in the fact that everyone looks normal? Top notch.
  • saving crock pot recipes on Pinterest.  The easier the better, and with enough for leftovers at lunch the next day, please.


I feel like my brain is dead, but my heart is so full it almost hurts.




breakdowns, self care, and broken records

y’all, this past week has been a doozy.  I feel like I’m spending 18 hours a day minimum asleep, and trying to be semi productive and not despise myself for sleeping the other 6.  The stress of everything is definitely just building and building, so much so that I had a panic attack Monday night.  If you’ve never experienced a panic attack, either physically or by being present during a loved one’s count yourself lucky.  They are ugly, they are scary, and it really is hard to believe that you’re not going to die.

(and ps,  I super feel like a broken record talking about how stressed out I’ve been lately.  But the only creature I have to talk to in real time is Scotti, so you’ll just have to deal with it.)

Every day, I’ve been trying to find something to do for at least half an hour, that distracts me from everything else.  I used to think my version of self care was going to a bar and seeing what would happen with some guy, or getting drunk at home and seeing who from Tinder might stop by, but things have changed for the better the past year.  Now I do things like watch silly reality TV (I just started the Bachelor for the first time ever, and whoa), look at vintage engagement rings on the internet,  read a book, or do something that helps me feel pretty.


Last week, I took the time to make my favorite body scrub. By time, I mean about 5 minutes. I scrubbed that coffee in and scrubbed away the stupid. And my clay mask pulled out all sorts of negativity. That’s what Indian clay masks do, it’s a fact.

diy coffee scrub
I add a few drops of lemon essential oil to mine. Perks me right up!


The question is, how many body scrubs and face masks does it take to take all the stress away? Do you have to do green juices and yoga in addition to it?