feel good in your soul

You know when life hits you with something you were expecting, dreading, but also hopeful that the right thing is going to hit at the perfect time so you can avoid it? That was me, last night. So I sat down and did what I know works. I texted my mom, scrolled through my feel good Pinterest boards, and took a shower. (normally I’d hit up the ice cream aisle, but I’m banned from dairy for the next 6 months).

Here are a few of my favorites:





“It’s okay to be scared”: Needless to say, I’ve been freaking out.  I won’t even promise that I slept last night.  But I’m reminding myself that I’ve had other sleepless, stressful nights and that I survived them all.

“Difficult roads”: And it will be beautiful.

“Fairy tales are more than true”: Okay,I love this.  So much that I want to print it off, frame it, and hang it in my bedroom/nursery.  Slaying dragons is boss.

“Quaintrelle”: This really doesn’t have anything to do with any of the other stuff.  I just really like it and think this is an excellent way to live one’s life.


January Intentions

Hooray! It’s 2016!I spent last night with one very anxious Scotti. Everyone in the neighborhood was setting off fireworks and he was not a fan. Thank goodness for bottles of champagne and Justin Beiber dance parties. 

For 2016, I have 1 big goal: to pay off my American Express card and to keep up with student loan payments. 

In addition to that; I want to live this year not waiting for someone to come rescue me; to not be tapping my foot, thinking that the Universe owes me something. I don’t know when I got so “damsel in distress-y” but it’s time for that to change. So, in addition to me big goal of no longer being the bitch to American Express and Sallie Mae, I’m setting up goals for each month. 

I also invested in Powersheets for the year. I have been following Lara Casey’s Instagram for the past year, and knew I had to get this round of sheets. I’ve only filled out the first couple of pages, but I can already see me getting obsessed.  
My goals for January:

1) Complete a Whole 30. Maybe choosing to do a Whole 30 at the beginning of Mardi Gras season is ridiculous, but so is eating King Cake for every day for 30 months. Goodbye, Diey Dr Pepper. I hope I don’t miss you at all. 

2) Clean out my closet.  I recently read this article about streamline ones closet, and it finally hit me that it’s time to establish my every day look. So many things I’ve been holding onto that I just don’t wear, and I’m ready for that chaotic little piece of my room to be tamed.