goodbye, 2016

y’all, I am so glad to leave 2016 in the dust.  I can’t think of a single year I have ever wanted to end as much as I do this one.

Here are some things I’ve did and learned this year:

  • that the right hashtags get your Instagram photos way more attention.  I’m going to take you down in Instagram fame, Kylie Jenner.
  • I quit not one, but two jobs.  Yes, I’m still unemployed, but to know I’m not at a job with zero growth, and that I’m not being disrespected on a daily basis, feels good.  Yes, I know people aren’t supposed to quit jobs without a pile of savings and solid plan, but if you’re getting called a bitch every single day by your boss, then you have to go.  The plus? After lots of time reading career blogs, watching TedTalks, and reading some career focused books, I have a much better idea of what I want to be doing with my time when I get back to having a job.
  • That people you would do anything for might not be able, or willing, to do the same for you.  Some will crack under the pressure, and this could lead to things between you, them, and a whole lot of other people to be broken.  I lost someone I adored this fall, and I’m not sure my heart will ever heal. But that’s okay.  Yesterday, I was meditating, and came to the realization that just because this person broke my heart, doesn’t give me the right to break the hearts of other people.  Will I be even slower with letting people in? (assuming I can get any slower) Yes.  But the people who want in, will get in.
  • I have to force myself to be in more social settings.  Being back in Iowa has made this especially obvious.  Even being around people in a coffee shop gets my brain going in a better direction.
  • My tribe/squad/village/family has grown in ways I definitely would have never expected.  Now I need to come up with a good way to show them that I adore them.
  • That whole getting knocked up on my birthday thing.  So overwhelmed, so excited.  Theodore will be here in about a month (and I have done zero to prepare)

Tonight, I will be bingewatching who knows what with Scotti, probably doing face masks and eating way too many Sour Patch Kids.  Earlier, I made a list of all the things from 2016 that were less than stellar, and I plan on setting that list on fire around 11:59.

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If 2016 was the greatest year of your life, congratulations! I hope that things continue being awesome for you. If 2016 seemed like the absolute worst and you’re completely shocked you survived, you only have a few more hours to power through and then you get to start sort of fresh.


feel good in your soul

You know when life hits you with something you were expecting, dreading, but also hopeful that the right thing is going to hit at the perfect time so you can avoid it? That was me, last night. So I sat down and did what I know works. I texted my mom, scrolled through my feel good Pinterest boards, and took a shower. (normally I’d hit up the ice cream aisle, but I’m banned from dairy for the next 6 months).

Here are a few of my favorites:





“It’s okay to be scared”: Needless to say, I’ve been freaking out.  I won’t even promise that I slept last night.  But I’m reminding myself that I’ve had other sleepless, stressful nights and that I survived them all.

“Difficult roads”: And it will be beautiful.

“Fairy tales are more than true”: Okay,I love this.  So much that I want to print it off, frame it, and hang it in my bedroom/nursery.  Slaying dragons is boss.

“Quaintrelle”: This really doesn’t have anything to do with any of the other stuff.  I just really like it and think this is an excellent way to live one’s life.

hair decisions


I’m one of those people that sees a change in hair as the perfect reason to change your life.  I’ll admit to going shorter and blonder when done with a boy, and after I quit my job in August, I went bright purple.


My hair has faded to this platinum blonde/blue/silver mess and I’ve been trying to decide what exactly I want to do next with it.  Do I keep it fun and silly since it’s already bleached out?  Do I find a more grown-up hue so that I can look professional and won’t have to stress about roots come February?

So many thoughts, and since I really have nothing to do besides sit at the library on the internet or hang out with Scotti, my hair is getting all my energy.

Here are some of the options I’ve been bouncing through my head:

#Greenhair envy with @taylorrae_hair in the Beyond the Star #bunpin

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This green/blue combo has me swooning.

This one has some amazing winter princess vibes and would be an excellent reason for me to buy some non-gray sweaters.

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More winter vibes, but with an evil queen twist.  Not sure I’m cool enough to pull this off, but I’m always willing to try.

Please note that I don’t even have a hair appointment set yet, but it’s always goof to plan ahead.  Right? Right.