aztec secret

If you’re like me, you know exactly what it takes to keep your skin looking it’s best. In my case; it means eating lots of leafy greens and fruit, water and green tea instead of Diet Dr. Pepper and avoiding bread products and candy. 

But that’s not how I’m currently rolling. (I’ll totally admit that I use  DDP and Sour Patch Kids as emotional crutches.)  

So while I think about healthy eating instead of doing it, I found an excellent way to keep my skin in top form.  

I had seen this clay mask mentioned on countless blogs. I was finally able to find it on Amazon for the lovely price of $12.17. For a pound of product. You mix equal parts of the powder and water, I use a tablespoon, slather it on, and bam. 

I like to pretend the tightening feeling as the mask dries is all the grossness in my face being sucked out. 

My face has gotten so much better and I know that it’ll get even better once I make those dietary changes.