holy moly

Ayall, I must apologize for completely falling off the face of the internet. The past month has been a blur of working excessive hours, stress and so much more. I’m tweeting, gramming, snapping and blogging at a rate of zero. Let me give you some updates.

  • my computer from high school finally bit the dust. sad face.
  • I 100% fell off the Bikini Body Guide bandwagon.  Health eating and exercise are non-existent at the moment, although I am always getting in my 5 FitBit miles every day.  I did sign up for a 5k when I visit NOLA next month, so I really do need to start peeling myself out of bed in the mornings.


  • Diet Dr Pepper hasn’t been cutting it caffeine wise.  I switched to this and after I powered through the bitter after taste, I think I’ve got this coffee thing down.
  • IMG_9669
  • After two years filled with anxiety, love and lots of dead yard creatures; Diego went to Heaven.  Saying goodbye was one of the hardest decisions ever, I had always convinced myself that he wouldn’t really bite someone.  I was reminded though that Diego had 2 really great years with a family that loved him and worked with his quirks, and that he didn’t have to spend them in a cage. Scotti is totally loving the freedom that comes with being an only child though.
  • IMG_9801 IMG_9865So. Many. Selfies.  But how can I not when I’m so adorable?

    {Diego and I}
    {Diego and I}
  • I have 46 days until I officially move into New Orleans and get started on something new.  I only have 1/4 of what I wanted saved up, my car will not survive the trip down and I’m already stressing out about not having any employment when I get there.  although I am applying for jobs every day! But the excitement, the thoughts of adventure and starting over-ish override every single feeling of doubt and worry I have.

I promise that I’ll try harder to update more.  Although part of me is wondering if it’s time for everydaymeremaid to be laid to rest while I start totally fresh.  Because the cool thing about the internet is, you can always start over.


post title/I can’t think of a thing

Ok, I keep meaning to post and I feel like my reasons for not are just coming off as a list of bullshit excuses. But now my computer is all out of whack and my work schedule is ridiculous. 

*note to self, get a laptop* 

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I keep reminding myself that I’m working my ass off for a reason. September 1st will be here in no time.  Seeing it all colored out, I realize that I’m completely ok taking a break from boys for the summer. Because honestly, I’d rather fit in dog walks and workouts over a date with uneventful conversation.  

{my week}
 Like I’ve said, I’ll post here when I have something really good to say. In the meantime, I’m forcing myself to post more to Instagram. Starting tomorrow. 

{tinder Tuesday}

You guys, I’m pretty sure I went on my last tinder date of the summer season on Sunday. 

It was such a let down, at one point I actually fell asleep. le sigh

With my work schedule and everything I need to get done before September, there’s just no time for boys. I’ll be dedicating my free time to playing with Scotti and Diego, working out (running has yet to get easier), packing up and working on getting a big girl life in some sort of order. 

I’ll still be keeping Tinder around. Because I need the attention, and I want it for when I hit up NOLA this August to apartment hunt. Because a girl needs all the help she can get finding a two bedroom that allows two large dogs. 

Will this summer have me feeling a little frustrated? Probably. So this is everyone’s warning:

Meredith won’t be having sex the next 3 months, so do your best to not piss her off. 

This guy is also on Tinder and I’m pretty sure we could have hit it off. His loss.   

pink hair + protection

Last week I went for it and did something I’ve talked about doing for forever.  I dyed my hair pink.  There’s something about a new hair color that just makes everything in my life feel 100% brand new and all the issues seem conquerable.  What better way to kick off the summer where the focus is changing everything?

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In between conquering one epic to-do list for the summer, and not being allowed to wash my hair a lot in order to keep the color looking super fly, I’ll need all the help I can get looking semi put-together.  I already ordered that black turban…so many plans to channel Elizabeth Taylor.

{Clockwise from top left: Jeweled head piece, black turban, black fedora, mermaid baseball cap, straw hat}
{Clockwise from top left: Jeweled head piece, black turban, black fedora, mermaid baseball cap, straw hat}

a new look to spark the summer of change

Every year, as summer gets closer, I start to consider dying my hair in some fun, vibrant color.  And I always talk myself out of it.  But this year was different.  After 2 appointments for highlighting, I went big and went pink.   

I am so happy with my choice.  Everything feels so brand new and I’ve got this new push to push myself.    From wanting to tackle my schedule, finally sort through my clothes, throw myself into a workout/healthy eating plan, and doing everything in my power to get ready for the move in September.    

Also, I clearly need to master curling  my hair and that winged eye liner look.   

This week’s goals:

  • finish cleaning my room.
  • buy some liquid eye liner and get to practicing.
  • power through week 2 of Bikini Body Guide.
  • outline the work experience section of my resume.
  • continue to avoid shopping

goals for 28

I always make one big goal for the year in January, and once my birthday rolls around I make some goals of what I want to accomplish before the next one rolls around.  The major theme of 28, becoming a bit more of a grownup.

  • Seriously, move.

This is my resolution for 2015. Things are slowly falling into place, but now I’m going up against a bit of self-doubt. Seeds were planted by others and I’m doing a lot to not let them ferment. Note to self, stop letting other people’s lives affect my life.

  • Get active and eat better.

I feel so much more in control of things when I’m living a healthier life.  And I just feel so much more confident.  And confidence is a good thing.

  • Dress up more.

Including putting some effort into my hair and occasionally putting on makeup.

  • Pay off my credit cards.

I’ve made this goal a lot.  I’m finally putting a bit more effort into it, by setting up automatic payments, but I still fall back on my AMEX when I see something I love.

  • Put some more effort and time into blogging.

I’ve got some plans to get this whole place a bit more focused.  I know that when I choose to blog, I love it.  When I feel like I have to blog, I dread it.  Always better to keep things original and happy, even if it’s not consistent.

one last summer

I made a big realization the past few days when I was thinking about my summers in Iowa.  And I realized that all I’ve done during my Iowa summers since I was 13 is work.  Work so much that I haven’t had time to do any of the fun stuff.  boo.  So this summer will be different.  Sure, I’ll still be working.  (one just can’t give up 3 jobs) but I’ll be forcing myself to make time to do fun things too.  Because I can spend time on the couch anywhere.


  • Visit the State Fair.  I’ve been once in the 20 years I’ve called Iowa home.  for shame
  • Spend a few days at Lake Okoboji.  Then buy this fleece.
  • Visit all the roadside cafes I’ve always told myself I would test out.
  • Visit my important midwest people.  The bestie in Chicago.  The brother in Kansas City.
  • I’m sure there’s other things that need to be added to this list.  Thank goodness I’m trying to force myself to be more flexible.
{from HopSkipJumpPaper}
{from HopSkipJumpPaper}