new hair, don’t care

I’ve had getting a hair cut on my to-do list for forever.  And when you’re stuck at home and need a pick-me-up, a haircut is definitely in order.  And bonus points, because your mom is more likely to agree to pay.

I’d been super inspired with some of the “french girl” shags that I spotted on Pinterest, in part because they seemed so low maintenance, but still could have some sex appeal.  Although that’s something I’m still not even 85% sure how to master.

midwestmere haircut

I haven’t found a stylist in New Orleans that I really click with.  They always seem overwhelmed by the thickness of my hair, and the low maintenance way I style.  My main rules are that the majority needs to fit in a ponytail holder, and that it can be easily styled with some sea salt spray and wax.

Once you get rid of all the split ends, life seems a little more manageable. 

As for the color, I had gotten a bit frustrated a few weeks ago and decided to find a box color, L’Oreal Feria ‘Deep Espresso’, that closely matched my roots.  While I love a fully highlighted look, in 10 weeks there’s going to be a baby, so who knows when I’d be able to take a day for a refresh.

Now that my hair is taken care of, it’s time to conquer everything else in my life.

Or take another nap.  Whichever comes first.



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