We’re Moving!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I spent all day yesterday packing up my apartment.  My brother, Scotti, and I have to be out of the apartment by Tuesday morning (thank goodness that this leaves me time to vote!).

Do I have any idea of where we’re going to live? Zero.  Do I know how I’ll be paying a deposit and all that jazz? Nope.  Do I have any idea where Scotti and I are going to sleep Tuesday night? Of course not.


While I’m definitely going to miss being so close to Bayou St. John and City Park, I’m excited for this whole adventure.  Because that’s the only way to think of things when your life gets a little hectic.  As an adventure.  I’m trying real hard to not let things get me stressed out, mainly since I can’t have wine.  So here comes the adventure.  And thank god that it’s happening now and not closer to February.



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