mama’s leavin

My mom is taking off in a week to lead another Quaker trip to Cuba.  Since she’s currently the main person I text, and the only one who might have any idea just how stressed out I am about all sorts of things, it’ll be good for her to escape, but I might go crazy.  Who knows what Pepper (her dachshund) and Luna (her cat) will do without her.  Since I’m stuck stateside, I thought I’d post some of my favorite pictures from some of my trips to Cuba.

Which btw, is my happy place.  We can discuss at a later time how unhappy I am that Americans can go a little easier now.


See that skinny kid, that’s Alejandro. Bet all the boys who make such a big deal about the boy connected to my butt tattoo feel silly now.
Proof that I should not be allowed to make decisions while intoxicated.


The day this picture was taken, I had managed to get lost on my own for about 5 hours. I ended up on the opposite side of Holguin (the 3rd biggest city in Cuba) from where I started. At one point, I was alone on a military base. Eventually, I saw a water tower, and remembered that the man pictured lived a few blocks from the tower, and he was able to help me get back to where I needed to be for our beach trip. And back to my very angry mother.


This was one of the top baseball players in Holguin about 4 years ago. Last I heard, he and his wife were able to defect to the USA so he could play baseball, but I’m way too lazy to figure out where he might be.
My ultimate house goal is a pink house with a big front porch.


This lady looks over the water in Gibara. Part of me has been considering getting her as a sleeve tattoo.

Here’s the link to my mom’s GoFundMe page.  Most of her trip is covered, funds raised will go to things like baggage fees, household bills that still need paid, and any last minute medicine requests she might get from churches on the island.


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