recently reading 11.3

With the local branch of my library closed, I’ve had to start reading books that I have on hand.  (A 20 minute bus ride each way to the closest branch just isn’t working for me)

img_4079Luckily my mom sent me a box a few weeks ago of some stuff I had left back in Iowa when I moved down NOLA, and How To Be Parisian was in the package.

I’ve always had an on/off fascination with Paris, and this past summer things have definitely been on. Maybe it’s the need to get away, maybe it’s the intense crazing for champagne and baguettes, who really knows.

This book is an easy read, that both inspires (me) to be my best, but also embrace my flaws.  It jumps around a little, but so does my brain.  And it’s perfect to read in the park with a picnic and Scotti.

Oh, and this Baggu Backpack was a birthday gift from my brother Patric. Great size for all my stuff, and the canvas is easy to wipe off.



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