on general article titles that annoy me

Yesterday, I was scrolling through Facebook, looking at the Halloween costumes of friends of friends, when I saw an advertisement for some girlpower blog/news site.  The headline? “You’ll Never Believe How Hot Blake Lively’s Brother Is!” or something like that.

And I got super annoyed.

Feminism is gaining more and more traction with every generation, but there seems to be an article daily written about how attractive some male is, and not going into his other accomplishments.  And I recognize that there’s hundreds of articles about females a day that do the same thing, and those are equally frustrating.

For me, part of feminism means treating others how you want not only yourself, but those you adore to be treated.  And just as I hate being judged only for my appearance, I don’t want anyone else to be judged for the same thing.

Because appearances can 1) be deceiving. 2) quickly change.  They tell us nothing about a person’s heart, their background, their imagination, or the type of learning and adventures they crave.

And as for Blake Lively’s brother? Well, I  don’t know too much about him, besides the fact he was in So Weird on the Disney Channel.  (Her other brother was Rusty on National Lampoon’s European Vacation, which is pretty cool.)

So for real, let’s stop acting like the only thing that matters about other people is their appearance.  It’s exhausting and really doesn’t seem to inspire anyone to greatness*.  And while we’re at it, let’s stop with all the “is blahblah dating blahblah” bullshit.  People are more than their significant others.

*Now, I won’t lie.  I love investing money into my appearance.  Face masks, trips to the salon, new dresses and lip stains give me a confidence that makes me feel unstoppable.  Green smoothies make me feel fresh and want to do another 10 minute yoga youtube video. But that’s me.


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