Recently Reading 10.27.16



I’ve tried to reinvent myself a countless number of times, but always end up getting distracted by real life and stop for whatever reason.  It’s all good though.  How To Build A Girl follows a young lady who manages to reinvent herself and then realizes that she likes certain parts of the old her just a touch better.  Caitlin Moran is one of my favorite authors.  A essay in her book How To Be A Woman led me to stop getting full on Brazilian waxes.  Life changing.

I first discovered the Ask Polly advice column with a retweet of this article.  At the time, I was super confused about boys, had recently deleted all my dating apps because I was so bored, and was wondering if I could make it solo on a farm with a bunch of Golden Retrievers and Doodles for the rest of my life.  Needless to say, the article helped my heart feel better and I’m honestly enjoying this continued boy/bullshit break while I sort out my head and everything else.  (Please know that I sent the article to my mom, who always says “I wish I knew what to say” when it comes to boys, and told her “This.  This is what you say”).  When I saw How To Be A Person In The World, I swooped it up.  Polly/Heather responds to letters from all sorts of situations with advice that sounds like it’s coming from your older sibling, a wise old person and a professional therapist all at once.  As a girl who will openly admit to loving self-help books, read this.  Even though it isn’t a self-help book.  You’ll still learn some ways to make yourself better.

It’s always good to throw some feel good reads into your library pile.  The Peculiar Miracles of Antoinette Martin will make you believe in all sorts of good things and want to fill your world with fresh flowers.  That’s all I’m going to tell you about this book.  Because if you have a few hours where you need some good vibes, you should just read this book.

The Gutsy Girl:Escapades for Your Life of Epic Adventure is a book that I’m maybe a touch too old to read, and that made it a little harder to get through.  Part memoir, part go out and do something, I’d totally recommend this book if your favorite 13 y/o girl and her friends wanted to start a book club.



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