kayne kissing kayne

I have a love of Kayne West.  I can probably only name 2 of his songs, but I love how much he loves himself.  I know some people find him to be a narcissistic jackass, but I think the massive self confidence and ego are kind of refreshing in a world where we’re constantly told that we’re not good enough for whatever.   Throw in how much he adores his family and he’s just great. (and PS in Kayne vs Taylor, I’m at the point where I’m Team Kayne)

Photo via OkayPlayer

I can’t really recall when the photo of this mural went viral (here’s a bit of history on it from Buzzfeed) but I can tell you that I fell hard. When boys from Tinder or Bumble would ask for a sexy pic, I would send them this. They didn’t find it as funny as I did, but guess what, they’re all gone now.

We won’t talk about how disappointed I was when I heard that the mural was gone, but if anyone wants to buy me a print of it, I’ll totally hang it up in my bedroom/nursery. Cause that’s just the kind of girl I am.

And PS Kayne, if you ever want to get together and discuss how the world just doesn’t get us, tweet me.


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