recently reading 10.20.16

Really, so much of my time has been spent reading with Scotti by my side.


It’s finally cool enough that he doesn’t pout if I take him to the back yard, but he still prefers to sit on the couch so that he can watch the street.

I had seen reviews for Sweetbitter on various blogs and in magazines over the summer.  One magazine compared it to a Woody Allen style film, which should have been my first sign that I wouldn’t enjoy it.  But I like to know what other people think is good, so I checked it out anyways.  This book is decent, but I wouldn’t ever tell a stranger at the book store that they absolutely had to read it.  If you can read it for free, go for it, but don’t pay for this book.  Unless you’re really into books about girls whose worlds revolve around boys who sound kind of gross, and have sex with someone grosser once said boy breaks their heart as revenge.




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