Recently Reading 10.13.16

Currently, my house is wi-fi free.  Slightly frustrating when it comes to the Verizon bill, but since I’m still (f)unemployed, it means I’m not spending all day binge watching Netflix and Hulu.  There’s a library branch 3 blocks from my house, so I’ve been going there to stock up on DVDs and books.  Books are my preferred way to escape reality at the moment and here are some recent favorites.



In all honesty, the idea of cults are both alluring and terrifying to me.  I can’t imagine being so into someone that I’d give them all my money, or consider murder, and yet I also find myself wanting a Kylie Lip Kit and to have Beyonce tell me that she loves me.

The Girls is an easy read and shouldn’t make you too nauseous when the main character starts talking about murder.  When I went to England in high school, I read Helter Skelter and was fully prepared to have some nightmares after reading this book, but am happy so say there were none.  If reading popular books is how you manage to be hip and cool, pick this up.  And then if you run into some kids who might not normally hit your radar, be kind to them.  Just in case.


You know those books that you just stumble upon and read, right when you need them? Well last month, that was How to Party with an Infant for me. I’m not going to lie, getting accidentally pregnant (for a second time) totally threw me off and I was am freaking out about the whole thing. Sure, the whole raising a human to not be an asshole thing is going to be a challenge, but how do you make friends, date, not sustain yourself on grapes, goldfish, apples and Diet Dr. Pepper? Actually, that’s pretty much a normalize toddler diet (minus the DDP) from what I’ve seen on Insta, so maybe I’ll be okay?
Anyways, regardless if you’re knocked up or not, read How to Party with an Infant. It’s humorous and a quick read.  As soon as I finished, I went and borrowed the Descendants DVD (same book author) from the library.  George Clooney can help a girl calm down and breathe pretty quickly.

In a couple weeks, my library branch will be closing until Thanksgiving so that they can move facilities.  If anyone has any Kindle or DVD recommendations, please send them my way.  And cross your fingers that I have a job by then so I can get internet at my place.



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