art and dreams

When Scotti and I go out for walks, I swear he can find a group of boys to love from 3 blocks away.  When Bayou St John isn’t too busy, and the temperatures aren’t too high, I give him a little freedom and let him lead.  Last Sunday, he took us down a quiet street that we rarely go down, and what did we stumble upon?  A makeshift art sale.  Some elementary school aged brothers had decided they needed a new Lego set, and their mom said they had to earn the money themselves.  So they busted out their canvases and paint and went to work.

Can I just say that I’m 1)super impressed when parents let their kids find ways to earn what they want and 2) love that the boys decided against the everyday lemonade stand.

These are the beauties that I went home with.  And PS best $5.00 I’ve ever spent.  One of my goals for this year on my lease is to make my apartment more of a home, and that includes adding some art.  These were the perfect ways to get that ball rolling.  And another plus? My brother is a touch embarrassed by the paintings an rolls his eyes every time he sees them.

Here are some other artists that I’m fangirling over, and totally plan on buying one day when I have a few extra thousand dollars running around.  I’m linking to their Instas (Insta’s?), in part because that’s how I discovered them all and I kind of pretend we’ll socialize in the future.

  • Ashley Longshore.  This woman loves her pop culture and celebrates being female.  With regular droppings of the F-word and talking about pussy power, her Instagram and art will definitely inspire some boldness.  And her use of gold leaf and Lil Wayne? Sigh.
  • Oleysa. Bright colors, dreamy getaways and lip prints.  I find lips to be super sexy and could totally see a his/hers combo over a future marital bed.
  • Donald Robertson. His girls are gorgeous (if someone were to send me one of his Bloomingdale Bikini Girls prints, I’d be stoked), his collaborations make we want to buy clothes/purses/makeup from places other than Target, and his videos of his twin boys make me a little less scared of the idea of raising a boy next year.
  • Teil. These summer vacation inspired paintings are the best reason I’ve ever seen to buy a beach house.
  • Dorothy Shain. More future beach house decor.  Clearly I have a love of bright colors, bikinis and sundresses.




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