yet another game of catch up

I know, I know. I’m the absolute worst at staying up to date on blogging. Life has just been super-duper ridiculous since Mardi Gras ended. Like, I hadn’t even updated my goals binder in March.  Here’s what’s been happening:

    • I quit my job.  And got a new one as a Buyer’s Assistant for a local chain of boutiques.  With better hours, a better dress code (I can literally wear whatever I want, as long as I put some effort into it), and I can walk to work.  While it’s taking time to adjust to the fact that I’m home every night before 6:00, I think I’m going to love it.  Gone are my excuses to not hang out in the early evenings.
    • I failed at Whole 30 once again.  But I did stick pretty close to paleo.  What did I learn? 1) I need it to be ok to drink once in a while (but I must avoid whiskey at all costs).     2) Dairy makes me break out in the worst ways.  I love cheese though, so this is a perfect reason to only eat the really good stuff. 3) I use food as a reward.  Even though every health Pinterest board says not to.  Food is my way to power through the week and not murder anyone.  So please, let’s all reward me.
    • April is Scotti’s birthday month.  My best friend in the whole wide world is going to be 5.  I’m planning a celebration and harassing my family with what they plan on gifting him with.
Enter a caption
The soon-to-be five year old. My mom is gifting him with a grooming session.
    • It’s festival season in New Orleans.  Hooray.  Food, music, piles of people and an excellent setting for a second Tinder date.
LSPCA Brunch Fest. Proud to say I adopted no dogs.
  • Speaking of Tinder dates, I let my younger brother manage mine during Lent.  Thinking he’d have my best interests at heart.  I was wrong.  He literally swiped right 15 times and then left 15 times.  No thought or care into what he’d like in a future brother in law. (even though I’ve been told Tinder is only for finding girls who a guy thinks he can stick it in.  whatever.)  Needless to say, I took back the reins once Lent was almost over.  Still not too impressed though.
  • I am super in love with BumbleBff though.  If it’s this hard for boys on Tinder to ask girls to hang out, I totally get the struggle now.  I’ve only had one wine date (what do you call get-togethers with possible besties?) and it was so much fun.  Note to self, send a quick “sorry I disappeared text”.


Snoball season.  I will honestly survive on these come summertime.

That’s all for now. Fingers crossed I get back in the habit of updating this again. Because you and I both know you want to know what’s uo.


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