February Intentions. 

Are to get my January intentions accomplished. 

Remember when I talked about being sick? Well things went from bad to worse. I’m talking 5 bottles each of DayQuill and NyQuill, plus two boxes of decongestants. It was a rough ride where essentially every minute at home was spent sleeping and trying to force Scotti to love me. 

Given that the long Mardi Gras weekend is almost here, I don’t have plans to be focused on paleo/healthy eating at all. For real. Bring on the King Cake, fried shrimp po’boys, beer and crawfish. 

As for my closet, I have already got a pile of 20 items that have to go. Now to haul them somewhere where I can’t get reattached. 

I’ve also been putting time into my PowerSheets and outlining my day planner. While I’m still in the prep part of PowerSheets, and doing ok with not completely caught up or on schedule, it’s definitely nice to map things out and realize how much I want certain things. 


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