Shiny and Vintage

You know those secret pleasures that you have, that would make you super embarrassed if anyone were to find out? Well, forget that silly shame. 

I have a fascination with looking at vintage engagement rings*.  There’s something about them that makes them seem more…fascinating than what you’d find at a jewelry store, regardless of the price points. 

I want to know the stories behind the ring; what kind of cake did they have, were they really in love? Add in the whole disturbia that comes with the thought of blood diamonds, and oye. 

Also, don’t look at vintage jewelry and Elizabeth Taylor photos at the same time. So many goals. 

Here’s some of my favorite little stunners from Brilliant Earth right now. Thank goodness I can’t buy any for myself at the moment. 

Clockwise from Top Right: 1, 2, 3, 4 (my favorite), 5, 6.

*note: I’m so far from being engaged that it would make you sad. I really just like to look at pretty rings.


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