2015. We did it!

Now, I know that everyone is talking about how they did reaching their goals for 2015. 

My main goal for this year was to move. To leave Eldora, to leave Iowa, and start over. There were times where I just considered giving up. Pushing my timeline back. Or I’d meet a boy and think “I could stay for him”. But here I am. Writing this from my bed, trying to get Scotti to pay attention to me, and texting yet another boy that I met through a dating app. 

As I’ve mentioned before, things aren’t going exactly how I envisioned in my head. To be honest, nothing about the past 18 months has gone the way I envisioned. But that’s okay. Part of finding out what matters; be it people, things, ideas; is figuring out and shedding what wasn’t working, what didn’t matter. 

This past ear, I have had a pile of wonderful people cheering me on. Encouraging me to go for the move, and reminding me that I could do it. And I’m so grateful for those people. 

I’m still trying to flesh out what my big goal for 2016 will be. No matter what it is, it’ll be a good one. 


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