“Don’t get mad”

One of my favorite things about the Internet and smart phones is the ability to share an article with someone right in the spot. As a magazine lover, I would always pull out articles to send to my brothers and friends if I thought they would enjoy them. I even kept binders of receives, crafts, workouts, outfits and hair and make up ideas. Seriously, thank goodness for Pinterest and that all those clippings went in a recycling bag before I moved this year. 

Earlier this week, my brother Isaac texted me this article “Why You’re Undateable:Girl With A Dog” and a note “don’t get mad”.

I’m guilty of every single one of the things talked about in the article. (Except the dog in the room during sexy time. Scotti gets shut in the living room with a peanut butter treat.) My Instagram has transform into an overload of photos of Scotti being adorable and things I’m about to eat. My Snapchat even incorporates his name instead of my own. In part, because I hoped that dudes wouldn’t send dick pics to a Snapchat Username scottianddiego. I was wrong.

Here’s photos from Scotti’s and my last walk through City Park. It was a breezy 76 degrees, so when he insisted on laying in the grass and just enjoying the quiet and fresh air, I obliged. 

In all honesty, I have no intention of changing up my relationship with Scotti, especially for a boy. 


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