let’s cover all the basics. 

Oye. It definitely seems as if I’ve fallen off the planet. Let’s play a quick game of catch-up, using some of the photos from my iPhone album as conversation starters. 

I’m pretty much eating all the food, whenever I get the chance. I will say that I’ve been making excellent choices when eating at home though. It’s easy to do when you only buy the groceries you can carry, and fruit and veggies are the first things in the store. 

Isaac (my younger brother) finally moved in. We’ve done an excellent job of not killing each other yet. 

My perfect, Midcity apartment is still not furnished. I’m definitely ready for some beds, I love peeking around the used furniture stores to see if there’s anything I can possibly afford. (Which at the moment, is still nothing.)

I spent Halloween posted up on my air mattress with Scotti and Scandal. Cold rain will keep me inside, but it was a wonderful evening. Olivia Pope is excellent at getting this girl to want to push herself to be the very best, so I plotted out workouts for the rest of the month and did some haircut research. 

I’ll be quick to admit that everything in NOLA is not going exactly as I had planned (like that whole lack of furniture thing) but I am so happy it’s ridiculous. 


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