holy moly

Ayall, I must apologize for completely falling off the face of the internet. The past month has been a blur of working excessive hours, stress and so much more. I’m tweeting, gramming, snapping and blogging at a rate of zero. Let me give you some updates.

  • my computer from high school finally bit the dust. sad face.
  • I 100% fell off the Bikini Body Guide bandwagon.  Health eating and exercise are non-existent at the moment, although I am always getting in my 5 FitBit miles every day.  I did sign up for a 5k when I visit NOLA next month, so I really do need to start peeling myself out of bed in the mornings.


  • Diet Dr Pepper hasn’t been cutting it caffeine wise.  I switched to this and after I powered through the bitter after taste, I think I’ve got this coffee thing down.
  • IMG_9669
  • After two years filled with anxiety, love and lots of dead yard creatures; Diego went to Heaven.  Saying goodbye was one of the hardest decisions ever, I had always convinced myself that he wouldn’t really bite someone.  I was reminded though that Diego had 2 really great years with a family that loved him and worked with his quirks, and that he didn’t have to spend them in a cage. Scotti is totally loving the freedom that comes with being an only child though.
  • IMG_9801 IMG_9865So. Many. Selfies.  But how can I not when I’m so adorable?

    {Diego and I}
    {Diego and I}
  • I have 46 days until I officially move into New Orleans and get started on something new.  I only have 1/4 of what I wanted saved up, my car will not survive the trip down and I’m already stressing out about not having any employment when I get there.  although I am applying for jobs every day! But the excitement, the thoughts of adventure and starting over-ish override every single feeling of doubt and worry I have.

I promise that I’ll try harder to update more.  Although part of me is wondering if it’s time for everydaymeremaid to be laid to rest while I start totally fresh.  Because the cool thing about the internet is, you can always start over.


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