{tinder Tuesday}

You guys, I’m pretty sure I went on my last tinder date of the summer season on Sunday. 

It was such a let down, at one point I actually fell asleep. le sigh

With my work schedule and everything I need to get done before September, there’s just no time for boys. I’ll be dedicating my free time to playing with Scotti and Diego, working out (running has yet to get easier), packing up and working on getting a big girl life in some sort of order. 

I’ll still be keeping Tinder around. Because I need the attention, and I want it for when I hit up NOLA this August to apartment hunt. Because a girl needs all the help she can get finding a two bedroom that allows two large dogs. 

Will this summer have me feeling a little frustrated? Probably. So this is everyone’s warning:

Meredith won’t be having sex the next 3 months, so do your best to not piss her off. 

This guy is also on Tinder and I’m pretty sure we could have hit it off. His loss.   


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