a new look to spark the summer of change

Every year, as summer gets closer, I start to consider dying my hair in some fun, vibrant color.  And I always talk myself out of it.  But this year was different.  After 2 appointments for highlighting, I went big and went pink.   

I am so happy with my choice.  Everything feels so brand new and I’ve got this new push to push myself.    From wanting to tackle my schedule, finally sort through my clothes, throw myself into a workout/healthy eating plan, and doing everything in my power to get ready for the move in September.    

Also, I clearly need to master curling  my hair and that winged eye liner look.   

This week’s goals:

  • finish cleaning my room.
  • buy some liquid eye liner and get to practicing.
  • power through week 2 of Bikini Body Guide.
  • outline the work experience section of my resume.
  • continue to avoid shopping

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