goals for 28

I always make one big goal for the year in January, and once my birthday rolls around I make some goals of what I want to accomplish before the next one rolls around.  The major theme of 28, becoming a bit more of a grownup.

  • Seriously, move.

This is my resolution for 2015. Things are slowly falling into place, but now I’m going up against a bit of self-doubt. Seeds were planted by others and I’m doing a lot to not let them ferment. Note to self, stop letting other people’s lives affect my life.

  • Get active and eat better.

I feel so much more in control of things when I’m living a healthier life.  And I just feel so much more confident.  And confidence is a good thing.

  • Dress up more.

Including putting some effort into my hair and occasionally putting on makeup.

  • Pay off my credit cards.

I’ve made this goal a lot.  I’m finally putting a bit more effort into it, by setting up automatic payments, but I still fall back on my AMEX when I see something I love.

  • Put some more effort and time into blogging.

I’ve got some plans to get this whole place a bit more focused.  I know that when I choose to blog, I love it.  When I feel like I have to blog, I dread it.  Always better to keep things original and happy, even if it’s not consistent.


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