one last summer

I made a big realization the past few days when I was thinking about my summers in Iowa.  And I realized that all I’ve done during my Iowa summers since I was 13 is work.  Work so much that I haven’t had time to do any of the fun stuff.  boo.  So this summer will be different.  Sure, I’ll still be working.  (one just can’t give up 3 jobs) but I’ll be forcing myself to make time to do fun things too.  Because I can spend time on the couch anywhere.


  • Visit the State Fair.  I’ve been once in the 20 years I’ve called Iowa home.  for shame
  • Spend a few days at Lake Okoboji.  Then buy this fleece.
  • Visit all the roadside cafes I’ve always told myself I would test out.
  • Visit my important midwest people.  The bestie in Chicago.  The brother in Kansas City.
  • I’m sure there’s other things that need to be added to this list.  Thank goodness I’m trying to force myself to be more flexible.
{from HopSkipJumpPaper}
{from HopSkipJumpPaper}

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