humpday happiness

I know I’m guilty of constantly saying that I’m really busy.  But this time, I super mean it.  I started 28 off with a bang and haven’t slowed down yet.  I’m definitely ready for a nap, but who cares, I’ve got a lot to do and there’s Diet Dr. Pepper pulsing through my body.

{via Instagram}
{via Instagram}

I’m trying to nail down…me.  Figure out what kind of woman I need/want to be.  One thing I’ve figured out, I want to be a great rolemodel for all of my kindergarten friends.  Even though I’m leaving them.  First focus of brand building: getting in shape.  I started the Kayla Itines Bikini Body Guide and a Couch to 5k app early this week.  My butt is the best kind of sore.

What’s making me extra happy this week?

Why There’s Never Been a Better Time to be a Plus-Size Woman” I know that it’s a touch of an oxymoron to have this article right after I talk about starting something called the Bikini Body Guide (but my goal is to go from a size 14 to a 12).  I morphed into a size 14 when I was 12, and yo-yoed between 14 and 24 for 10 years.  Oh how I wish that there had been clothes, and women to look up to, that made me feel confident when I was a teenager.  Now I have the opportunity to be one of those women!

An Airstream Bridal Suite.  Be still my heart.

The build up to the Bad Blood music video was amazing.  “Why Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” Marketing is Genius.”

Forgotten Iowa”  This person’s goal is to take photos of all of Iowa’s 947 towns.  I definitely plan on framing the Eldora photos (they haven’t been taken/posted yet) on my wall when I move.

And now, I’m off again.  I promise to post on here as often as I get a chance.  Life should slow back down in about 2 weeks.  And eventually I get around to making my ideas for Everyday Meremaid come to life!


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