{humpday happiness}

Another Wednesday is here and it’s an extra special one.  You know that sense of relief you get when things start falling into place? And you realize that it’s ok to slow down and stop freaking out? That’s what I’m currently experiencing.

{patiently waiting for it to be tomorrow so that I can open birthday boxes!}
{patiently waiting for it to be tomorrow so that I can open birthday boxes!}

Work/Life Balance via Mainstreet.  While right now I have a pretty well balanced life (at least in my opinion), I’m super nervous about the idea of a grownup girl job that doesn’t allow me to walk Scotti and Diego every day.  This article was a nice reminder that I need to work to live, not live to work.

My Year of Online Dating via Glamour.  Ever read something that just hits the nail on the head about how you’re feeling when it comes to the opposite sex and interacting with them? This essay totally did that for me.  I for one decided to get honest in my Tinder profile about what I’m currently looking for.  So far, I’ve had a lot of “we should totally do this!” offers, but nothing has been set yet.  I’m hoping Iowa boys aren’t this difficult for other girls.


Also a little depressing when it comes to boys? {and kind of makes me want to do away with them for good} This article on a survey that compares what traits men want in a wife compared to their future daughters.  #superdepressing

The best part about today?  IT’S BIRTHDAY EVE! Hooray!

{hooray for me!}
{hooray for me!}

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