{humpday happiness} a day late

I had plans of putting this whole post together on Tuesday night, but then Cinco de Mayo and margaritas called my name.  And we all know I cannot say no to margaritas.


This past weekend in Kansas City was a blur.  Which was definitely necessary.  I’m 3 days into my real-life May schedule and on the verge of breaking down into sobs.

Kansas City was filled with three of my favorite things.  Shopping, food and drinks.

Mac Daddy Omelet
Mac Daddy Omelet

An omelet filled with lobster and macaroni and cheese? omg, dead.   Add in Bottomless Mimosas and Louie’s Wine Dive is my new favorite.  Thank goodness they have a spot in Des Moines.

Crab Cake Benedict
Crab Cake Benedict

Why are so many of my thoughts based on food?

I wish I had more to report on my weekend.  Friday was a blur.  Saturday was jam packed with a farmers market with my brother and sister-in-law, a Tinder date and shopping.  Sunday was honestly a drunken haze.

I must remember that for every 5 hours of planned people time, I need 3 hours of solo Meredith time.

Also, this IntoTheGloss essay on Tinder Profiles, adore.  Sometime I really should type up a comparison of my online dating and Linda’s online dating.


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