{tinder tuesday} birthdays over boys

I’ve decided it’s time to take a break from Tinder Tuesday for a little while.  The boys of Iowa have proven to be way too disappointing.  Who knew it would be so hard for a girl as adorable as I to find a constant makeout/margarita companion?

There’s way more fun things to focus on anyways.  Like my birthday in a month.  While I currently have no plans besides working, I’m thinking hard and heavy about what I want to wear.

{Old Navy combo, Loft combo}
{Old Navy combo, Loft combo}

Birthday outfits are the most important.  I like to see it as the getaway to how my next year of life is going to go.  And do I want to kick it off in shorts or a dress? Or should I get both? {the answer is always both} {and yes, I do plan on making some goals for year 28, some to help me push my 2015 goals}

{Striped ASOS Dress, Floral Gap Dress, Black Gap Dress}

Also, I considering this beachy version of Dirt Cake for my take to work snack.  Cause who doesn’t like Dirt Cake? #monsters


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