A few weeks ago I was stressed out of my mind.  So stressed that I decided to take some time away from blogging and keeping up with the internet in general.  With the pressure to please piles of people in my real life, I realized that I couldn’t keep up with trying to impress internet people too.  I did a lot of thinking.  I decided that it was time for some relationships to end.  And I realized that it was okay.

I realized that I need to make more time for the things that make me happy and to shed the things that don’t bring me joy.  That means more time for reading, making food, working out, writing letters and this little neck of the internet woods.

Things will be changing around here though.  I’m not going to put the pressure on myself to do longish, posts every day.  When I started this I wanted it to be a closer glimpse into the life of a twentysomething girl who is basically living a life opposite of what the world tells her she should be doing.

less thinking. more living.

  {cold weather is slowly disappearing, so it’s time to wear my favorites.}  {library grind}{getting back into the mirror selfie game}


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