{humpday happiness}

first off, let me say how hard it is to eat clean when you go to the store starving.  Damn Pringles have me all like…..blegh.  Don’t worry though.  All the Pringles are gone now.  #thankgod

Once again, Dove has made a video/commercial (do these ever actually air on TV?) that makes a girl think.  I try really hard to stay body positive when talking out loud and on the internet, and this is a reminder about why I should stay positive in my head too.  {Fast Company}

{Huffington Post}
{via Huffington Post}

Ever since high school, I’ve been in awe of Frida Kahlo.  There’s something so haunting about her work.  This article gave me an even bigger glimpse into her world.  She went through a lot of shit at 25, and had to do it really far from home.  {Huffington Post}

Other things I’ve loved?  This article from goodmenproject.com.

This swimsuit from Frankie’s Bikinis. Hello reason to stay away from Pringles.  

Anyways, I’m off to go get through the rest of my to-do list.  Being productive feels so good, but is also super exhausting.


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