spring break intentions/what appears to be rambling

This weekend was an wonderful start to spring break. I went to Cedar falls, ate a whole lot of pizza at Tony’s, drank a fair amount of Angry Orchard, all while I got to work on lists and notes in the sunshine.
Note to self, find a way to make this kind of afternoon happen more.

IMG_8813 Processed with VSCOcam with lv03 preset
This Target shirt dress is my new obsession.

This week I’m off from the job that takes up the most of my hours, so I have a plan in place to be extra productive.

1. Two-a-day workouts.
And get my diet even more cleaned up. (which means cleaning out the kitchen) I always tell myself that I’ll get around to this stuff when my schedule calms down, and that focusing for a week and getting in the groove will help me nail down the healthy habits. Well, that week is here. Eating paleo 80% of the time has been going swimmingly, but I definitely need to kick things up a notch. We’ll see if I actually force myself out of bed at 6am for the first workout.
2. Get that resume outlined.
This is one of my goals for the month. Might as well hash out the simple stuff now and pour through Pinterest next.
3. Read!
It’s been forever since I’ve just sat and read a book. I need to hit up the library and get back to a life that isn’t completely filled with tv.

Do I wish I was spending this week on a beach?  Yes.  Am I dreading a week of productivity on my schedule?  No


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