{tinder tuesday} going without

So, we’re not even halfway through Lent and I am bulldozing this “No Tinder” thing.  Sorry about the dirt in your face, I was busy getting it off my shoulders.

I’ve realized something major over the past few weeks.  Something I had a general idea of since summertime, but that’s taken me time to come around to.  Like holy moly, Meredith, way to take forever to get your shit together.

I have no need or desire for a permanent boy at the moment.  I want a person to hang out with who isn’t my mom.  I want to be able to get out of Eldora for a night, dress up, eat dinner and giggle.  And yeah, I want to makeout, because good good, making out is my favorite, but I can survive without it.

Am I going to reactivate Tinder on Easter?  Most likely.  But am I going to be driving a few hours to hangout with boys who are clearly overwhelmed by a chubby, confident girl and freakout when she makes a move? No way jose.  I’ve got a pile of things to work on over the next six months and texting time could totally be spent doing important things.  Like resume writing, sorting through my my closet and working out.

Are revelations like this part of growing up?  Why are they take so long to finally realize?


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