{humpday happiness}

So I decided that I liked doing humpday happiness, even though for a while it was super stressing me out.  All because I was superstressed and being happy about anything was just too much work.  I did decide to change it up a bit though.  Now you’ll get an idea of the things I’ve loved lately, the links I’d be sending to friends, the recipes I want a reason to make, the dresses that we’ll require me to make up a celebration.

{image via Retronaut}
{image via Retronaut}

The Girl with the Tattooed Face (retronaut.com)  Growing up, I was obsessed with all things pioneer.  Little House on the Prairie, read all of the books and saw all the episodes on syndication.  Even now, if I see an article about girls of way back then, I totally click.  And Olive, her story is pretty cool.  Except for the part about her husband destroying all her books and cancelling her speaking tour.

My Twitter friend Mel had a run-in with an internet psycho who decided to post, and tried to get a college coed blog to post, some NSFW photos that M. took.  So M. showed the world who was boss and posted them herself.  (mom and other grownups, don’t open this).  For real world, when are you going to get over the fact that 1) some girls like to take pictures of themselves naked and are totally loving being sexual creatures 2) that if a person doesn’t give you rights to their body, YOU CAN”T SEE/TOUCH/SHARE IT.

New favorite pasttime? Nagging my youngest brother to call my mom via Facebook.  She get’s all nervous when he doesn’t respond to her text messages, and given that I didn’t have a phone for 5 days, I got to post it all on the internet.  Yes, I’m that sister.  And PS you can’t ignore a command when it’s getting a lot of likes.

I’ve been trying to get back in the groove of working out every day.  This butt workout and this arm workout (both from Fitness Blender) have my body screaming in a good/nonsex way.

{J.Crew One-Piece}
{J.Crew One-Piece}

This one piece from J.Crew is my new reason to workout.  I love how one pieces are coming into play and are finally looking cute.  I plan on stocking up this spring/summer and pairing them with cutoffs, kimonos and wedges.



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