March Intentions

March is here and that means we are one step closer to the glorious summer.  My goals for this month require a touch more drive to accomplish than last month’s, but I think I can handle the pressure.

{image via pinterest}
{image via pinterest}

1.  Go paleo-ish

Saturday included a candy binge, chased by looking at swimsuits.  Holy moly, did I get hit with some self-disgust.  So I sat down with my desk calendar and Pinterest, and made a meal plan for the month, a grocery list to get me through till Tuesday’s delivery at my favorite grocery store, and then went on to hide all the non-approved foods in my house.  whatever you do, don’t open the bottom cabinet. 

2. Start setting up for a garage sale.

Linda and I are slowly starting to go through our belongings and deciding what stays and what goes.  Every spring, Eldora has a city-wide garage sale, so I figure might as well get a start on setting things up now.  As we go through a room, and make our “to go” pile, we can simply put a price on it and put it on the front porch.

3. Retry that cat-eye.

This time with a marker-like eye liner instead of a pencil.

4. Start outlining a resume. 

Because apparently those are required for applying to big girl jobs.  Please know that 2 of my 3 current jobs were just kind of given to me.

If you’re really good at formatting resumes, and putting that “I am completely amazing, even without a college degree” spin on them, let me know.


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