{tinder tuesday} one night, two dates

That’s right.  Last Saturday was two Tinder dates.  It was very good time wise, but oh so exhausting,  Do you know how hard it is to come up with conversation topics for two very different boys?

Date Number One:  The original plan was for us to meet at a bowling alley, get a game in and then go to dinner.  Except the bowling alley was hosting a fundraiser and lanes wouldn’t be open for two hours.  So we skipped straight to dinner.

You guys, this boy was so nervous/terrified that I wanted to buy him a pile of shots and take him to a strip club so he could realize that cleavage wouldn’t actually smother him.

Date Number Two: this one happened on a whim.  I told the boy that I’d be passing back through his town after date #1 and said if he wanted to hang out to let me know.  Of course he said yes.  How could he not?

With all the awkward staring that went down at date #1, this one was a relief.  We met at a sketchy bar, drank some beers, and he tried to teach me pool.  Pool is really hard and I don’t feel a need to ever play again.


Both dates ended without any action, which I was fine with.  If date #2 texted for a second date this weekend, I would totally say yes.

Would I do two dates in one night again?  Maybe.  But only if they came to Eldora or if I had a hotel room in the town so I could go back and crash.

As for my break from the Tinder app?  I am feeling so free from my phone.  And just knowing that it’s waiting for me next month, and that I won’t have to go through the 5 minute hassle of setting up a new profile, has me feeling extra good.


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