the drugs in my system means this likely makes little sense

Follow my Twitter feed {@lameremaid} and you’ll quickly catch on to the fact that I spend a lot of time in bed.
It’s where I escape from everything and everyone. Bed is my safest place.

But today I have to spend the day in bed because I spent last night throwing up. Boo. Now my safe place is a prison and I’m feeling trapped.


In between naps and chugging coconut water, I’ve been making lists, going over lists and making decisions.

1) I haven’t stuck to my goal of eating clean and working out at all this month. It’s totally time to get back on that horse. Even though pizza is so good.
2) I made the rash decision this morning to also give up Tinder for Lent. I’ll still converse with the boys who already have my number, but if they don’t try to make plans between now and next weekend to hang out, they’re getting the boot.
3) I definitely need to use this no tinder/Netflix time to focus on me. I have no “one more episode” excuses for the next 38 days to avoid a workout. No “I’m going to leave my phone’s data on, just in case a boy texts me”.

Now, I know I’ve said all this stuff before. But this time I need people to hold me accountable. Now I just have to find people. This is when having no close friends is a massive problem.

Anyways, I’m off for another round of sleep, followed by some bedroom cleaning.


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