Lent and Netflix

I’ll be one of the first people to admit that I’m not religious in the slightest.  But there’s something about Lent that makes me want to participate.  Maybe it’s knowing that everyone else is suffering too?

{image via Buzzfeed}
{image via Pinterest}

I was torn between giving up Tinder and boys for the 40 days and Netflix.  Because goodness gracious, these are the things that take up my free time.

I decided to go with Netflix though.  I’m not giving up Hulu, girl needs to keep up with her streaming, but DO YOU REALIZE HOW MUCH TIME I’M GOING TO HAVE FOR ACTIVITIES? Watch out world, as I turn into the most productive human ever.

{Tshirt, Top Tank, Bottom Tank}
{Tshirt, Top Tank, Bottom Tank}

Oh, and next week I swear I’ll be getting back to Tinder Tuesdays.  This past weekend was family christmas, so I didn’t have any boy time.


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