{Operation:Grownup} where to?

{New Orleans, Nashville, Savannah}
{New Orleans, Nashville, Savannah}

I’ve been bouncing back and forth between what I need to focus on more in terms of planning on the move.  The battle is between where would I like to go vs what would I like to do.

And I’ve decided to focus more on where I want to be.  Because in all honesty, I have no clue what I want to do job wise.  I am totally willing to take suggestions though.

Nashville, New Orleans and Savannah are the three cities I find myself thinking about the most.  There’s just something I love about the South.  Something that draws me there; be it through trip planning, books, or Netflix choices.

Here’s some of my current criteria in deciding where to go.

1. Boys.

Yes, I’m supposed to be all independent and whatnot because Beyonce and Taylor Swift told me to be.  But I know that what I want is a human to love, and that that human isn’t going to be a baby.  So boys are definitely on the list.

2. Dogs.

Scotti and Diego have to be able to have a life comparable to the one we have in Eldora.  That means the city has to be one with lots of parks and places to walk.  And squirrels to bark attack.

3. Things to do.

Museums, exercise classes, farmers markets, spots for picnics. For me, that boy, and potential guests.  Also, I’ll need to start learning how people make friends.

4. Accessibility

I LIKE BEING ABLE TO WALK TO AN ACTUAL GROCERY STORE.  This is strangely important to me and I might check Walk Scores when I dive into the pit that is Craiglist:For Rent.

I may have taken this Southern Living “What’s Your Southern City” quiz.  My result? Austin.


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