phone free

{iPhone case via ASOS}
{iPhone case via ASOS}

Yesterday, the unspeakable happened.  I lost my phone.  It’s like the universe was calling me out on all my “I’m going to take a few days break” bullshit and actually made the break happen.  This isn’t the first time I’ve been without my phone.  But being without it forces me to realize how much I depend on  it.

Life has been free of texting, twitter, selfies, dance parties, tinder, snapchat, and obsessing over what I’m eating.  Gone is the timer I use for my workouts, my flashlight, my alarm clock.  I had three different Tinder dates lined up starting tonight, and have zero way of getting in contact with the boys.  Meaning to them, I’m going to be that bitch.

But last night, instead of cleaning my room, I did the important things.  I looked up new phones cases to cradle my precious in once I find it.  And of course I started an entire Pinterest board, dedicated to new iPhone case possibilities.



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