February Intentions

{illustration via Rose Hill Designs}
{illustration via Rose Hill Designs}


I’ve come to the realization that if I really want to reach my goals for 2015, that I really must start setting some intentions and well thought out to-dos for each month.  Since this February is all about love and sin (Mardi Gras is still my favorite), I’m going to spend the month doing what everyone kind of judges you for, and totally focusing on ME.  Cause after all, I am my favorite person.

Operation: Grownup

  • narrow down where I might like to live come September.
  • sort through my books.  Pack what I want to keep, list on Amazon what I can sell.
  • Keep up with no shopping. Even though I don’t have any spare funds at the moment,I did find myself eyeing my credit cards last month.

Sweaty to Sexy

  • Eat clean during the week, with splurges on the weekend.
  • (re)find Fitbit and hit 5 miles a day.
  • Work out 3 times a week.  If more, great.  If not, I can’t hate myself.
    {workout link via Pinterest. Jan/Feb 2015 Shape}
    {workout link via Pinterest. Jan/Feb 2015 Shape}

    I’ll be doing the workout above, plus 15-30 minutes of Youtube Yoga videos.

  • Dog walks with Scotti and Diego whenever possible.  This will help me reach my Fitbit goals and keep them at just the right level of excitement.


Pretty Stuff

I’ve kind of been slacking when it comes to doing my hair and putting on makeup lately.  French braids and top knots (nub in my case) are easiest.  And a weird eye infection kept me from wearing any mascara/eyeliner for all of January.   But these two how-to’s seem both simple and fun.

{tutorial via Goldfish Kiss}

{tutorial via Elle}


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